Time Traveller mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Time Travellerby Various Artists

  • 80 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 5:54:06


Disk #1

1.Fly Me Highby The Moody Blues2:54
2.Love and Beautyby The Moody Blues2:25
3.Citiesby The Moody Blues2:22
4.Tuesday Afternoonby The Moody Blues4:47
5.Nights in White Satinby The Moody Blues7:41
6.Ride My Seesawby The Moody Blues4:22
7.Legend of a Mindby The Moody Blues6:36
8.House of Four Doorsby The Moody Blues6:01
9.Voices in the Skyby The Moody Blues3:29
10.The Best Way to Travelby The Moody Blues3:13
11.The Actorby The Moody Blues4:41
12.In the Beginningby The Moody Blues2:08
13.Lovely to See Youby The Moody Blues2:34
14.Dear Diaryby The Moody Blues3:56
15.Never Comes the Dayby The Moody Blues4:40
16.Are You Sitting Comfortablyby The Moody Blues3:29
17.The Dreamby The Moody Blues0:53
18.Have You Heard? Part 1by The Moody Blues2:20
19.The Voyageby The Moody Blues3:12
20.Have You Heard? Part 2by The Moody Blues2:39

Disk #2

1.Higher and Higherby The Moody Blues3:59
2.Gypsy (of a Strange and Distant Time)by The Moody Blues3:31
3.Eyes of a Childby The Moody Blues3:11
4.Never Thought I'd Live to Be a Hundredby The Moody Blues1:06
5.Beyondby The Moody Blues2:58
6.Out and Inby The Moody Blues3:42
7.Candle of Lifeby The Moody Blues4:12
8.Never Thought I'd Live to Be a Millionby The Moody Blues0:33
9.Watching and Waitingby The Moody Blues4:15
10.Questionby The Moody Blues5:40
11.Don't You Feel Smallby The Moody Blues2:36
12.It's Up to Youby The Moody Blues3:11
13.Minstrel's Songby The Moody Blues4:25
14.Dawning Is the Dayby The Moody Blues4:24
15.Melancholy Manby The Moody Blues5:51
16.Processionby The Moody Blues4:41
17.The Story in Your Eyesby The Moody Blues2:52
18.One More Time to Liveby The Moody Blues5:40
19.You Can Never Go Homeby The Moody Blues4:14
20.My Songby The Moody Blues6:18

Disk #3

1.Lost in a Lost Worldby The Moody Blues4:42
2.New Horizonsby The Moody Blues5:10
3.For My Ladyby The Moody Blues3:58
4.Isn't Life Strangeby The Moody Blues6:08
5.You and Meby The Moody Blues4:20
6.I'm Just a Singer (In a Rock and Roll Band)by The Moody Blues4:18
7.This Morningby Justin Hayward & John Lodge5:56
8.Remember Me, My Friendby Justin Hayward & John Lodge5:27
9.My Brotherby Justin Hayward & John Lodge3:28
10.Saved by the Musicby Justin Hayward & John Lodge6:09
11.I Dreamed Last Nightby Justin Hayward & John Lodge4:26
12.When You Wake Upby Justin Hayward & John Lodge5:19
13.Blue Guitarby Justin Hayward & John Lodge3:40
14.Steppin' in a Slide Zoneby The Moody Blues5:28
15.Driftwoodby The Moody Blues4:25
16.The Day We Meet Againby The Moody Blues6:18

Disk #4

1.Forever Autumnby Jeff Wayne4:33
2.The Voiceby The Moody Blues5:17
3.Talking Out of Turnby The Moody Blues7:17
4.Gemini Dreamby The Moody Blues4:05
5.Blue Worldby The Moody Blues5:10
6.Sitting at the Wheelby The Moody Blues5:37
7.Running Waterby The Moody Blues3:21
8.Your Wildest Dreamsby The Moody Blues4:51
9.The Other Side of Lifeby The Moody Blues6:51
10.I Know You're Out There Somewhereby The Moody Blues6:38
11.No More Liesby The Moody Blues5:16
12.Say It With Loveby The Moody Blues3:57
13.Bless the Wings (That Bring You Back)by The Moody Blues5:11
14.Lean on Me (Tonight)by The Moody Blues4:58
15.Highwayby The Moody Blues4:36

Disk #5

1.This Is the Momentby The Moody Blues4:45
2.The Story in Your Eyes (live)by The Moody Blues3:43
3.Voices in the Sky (live)by The Moody Blues4:02
4.New Horizons (live)by The Moody Blues5:58
5.Emily's Song (live)by The Moody Blues4:31
6.Bless the Wings (That Bring You Back) (live)by The Moody Blues4:16
7.Say It With Love (live)by The Moody Blues4:52
8.Legend of a Mind (live)by The Moody Blues9:01
9.Gemini Dream (live)by The Moody Blues4:27

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