Transformer (Remastered) mp3 Album by Lou Reed

Transformer (Remastered)by Lou Reed

  • 13 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 46:03


2.Andy’s Chest3:21
3.Perfect Day3:46
4.Hangin’ ’Round3:35
5.Walk on the Wild Side4:16
6.Make Up3:00
7.Satellite of Love3:42
8.Wagon Wheel3:20
9.New York Telephone Conversation1:34
10.I’m So Free3:10
11.Goodnight Ladies4:31
12.Hangin’ ’Round (acoustic demo)3:58
13.Perfect Day (acoustic demo) / Transformer Radio Spot4:51

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I think this is Lou Reed at his best. The album is jam packed with great songs with both melody and lyrics being fantastic. The album has fabulous guitar rifts though out. It has the famous song 'Take a Walk On The Wild Side' Which is featured in many films and has beautiful backing vocals. I would say that another favorite song from this album is 'Satellite Of Love', which has David Bowie doing backing vocals. An interesting addition to the album is 'New York Telephone Conversation' as it is very catchy. A must listen to track is 'Slick Little Girl', just love the lyrics to this one. I fine the lyrics to all the songs very original and poetic. I highly recommend it if you love listening to words and thinking about the true meaning of the songs.