Transmission: 81-89 The French Cold Wave mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Transmission: 81-89 The French Cold Waveby Various Artists

  • 18 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:13:14


1.The Sabbathby Asylum Party3:26
2.Todayby Baroque Bordello3:15
3.The Pilgrim's Progress (instrumental)by Clair Obscur3:56
4.Born in a Cageby Complot Bronswick3:48
5.If You Like, Follow Me & Soby End of Data3:28
6.L'Écho des lumièresby Excès Nocturne4:40
7.Deuxième Ombreby Gestalt5:49
8.Demain Berlinby Guerre Froide4:43
9.One of a Kindby Kas Product3:30
10.Attendre encoreby Leitmotiv4:35
11.Behind the Beautyby L'Enfance éternelle3:42
12.I Met the Beastby Martin Dupont3:41
13.Power of Spiritby Norma Loy4:25
14.Ami-amantby Opéra De Nuit3:46
15.Un froid seulby Opéra Multi Steel3:50
16.Black Generationby Pavillon 7B4:46
17.Across the Oceanby Resistance3:49
18.Can an Actor Bleed?by Tanit4:05