TRON (Remastered) mp3 Soundtrack by Wendy Carlos

TRON (Remastered)by Wendy Carlos

  • 21 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 58:58


1.Creation of TRONby Wendy Carlos0:50
2.Only Solutions [Journey]by Wendy Carlos3:41
3.We’ve Got Companyby Wendy Carlos2:19
4.Wormholeby Wendy Carlos2:30
5.Ring Game and Escapeby Wendy Carlos2:58
6.Water, Music, and TRONactionby Wendy Carlos2:25
7.TRON Scherzoby Wendy Carlos1:47
8.Miracle and Magicianby Wendy Carlos2:40
9.Magic Landingsby Wendy Carlos3:44
10.Theme from TRONby Wendy Carlos1:37
11.1990’s Theme [Journey]by Wendy Carlos2:08
12.Love Themeby Wendy Carlos2:08
13.Tower Music - Let Us Prayby Wendy Carlos3:48
14.The Light Sailerby Wendy Carlos2:37
15.Sea of Simulationby Wendy Carlos3:24
16.A New TRON and the MCPby Wendy Carlos5:11
17.Anthemby Wendy Carlos1:40
18.Ending Titlesby Wendy Carlos5:17
19.TRONaction (original version)by Wendy Carlos1:30
20.Break In (for strings, flutes and celesta)by Wendy Carlos5:35
21.Anthem for Keyboard Soloby Wendy Carlos1:09