Tronic: All Stars mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Tronic: All Starsby Various Artists

  • 101 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 11:55:35


1.Radium (original mix) (and Wehbba)by Christian Smith7:30
2.Insanity (original mix)by Ken Ishii6:32
3.Astral Gravity (original mix)by Frankyeffe7:52
4.Pyxis (original mix)by The YellowHeads7:21
5.Radaway (original mix)by Macromism6:46
6.Touch (original mix)by John Arial6:26
7.Just For One Day (original mix)by Paride Saraceni7:11
8.The Overture (Joey Beltram remix)by Marc Romboy7:48
9.Cholnare (original mix)by Reinier Zonneveld7:56
10.Out Of Step (original mix)by Eric Sneo7:06
11.Lost (original mix)by Frank Biazzi6:44
12.9909LA (original mix)by Marc Marzenit7:38
13.Magnesium (original mix) (and Wehbba)by Christian Smith7:30
14.Skynet (Chus & Ceballos remix)by Raffaele Rizzi5:43
15.Bataille (original mix)by Noir7:47
16.Littev (original mix) (and JJ Mullor)by Dialekt7:42
17.Butterfly Effect (original mix)by Skober6:44
18.Say It Again (original mix)by Loco & Jam6:50
19.Turn The Lights (Nick Curly remix)by Christian Smith7:04
20.C'mon In (original mix)by The Junkies7:03
21.Sirens Of Titan (original mix)by Eric Sneo7:05
22.Saturnalia (original mix) (and WEAPON & Criminish)by Anti-Slam6:30
23.Catfished (original mix)by Jaceo6:21
24.Reste (original mix) (and Olivier Giacomotto)by Noir8:21
25.Hook At The Border (Paride Saraceni remix)by Enrico Sangiuliano8:40
26.Nero (original mix)by Nico Cabeza6:22
27.Faust (original mix)by Philipp Ruhmhardt6:30
28.Future Heights (original mix)by Drunken Kong7:42
29.Air Castle (original mix)by Christian Smith6:53
30.Psyche (Mark Reeve remix)by Wehbba6:46
31.Destination Unknown (original mix)by Christian Smith6:23
32.Fermi (original mix)by Jaceo7:03
33.Mirage (original mix)by Moonwalk6:38
34.Initiate Sequence (Main mix)by Christian Smith7:27
35.Signs Of Devotion (original mix)by Reinier Zonneveld7:08
36.Fly With Me (original mix)by Paride Saraceni6:59
37.The Overture (Rodriguez Jr remix)by Marc Romboy7:58
38.Subzero (album mix)by Christian Smith6:04
39.Cafeteros (original mix)by Macromism7:50
40.Quarantine (original mix)by Misstress Barbara7:27
41.Twisted Minds (original mix)by Loco & Jam6:57
42.Altered State (original mix)by Dale Howard7:41
43.Hook At The Border (original mix)by Enrico Sangiuliano7:12
44.Initiate Sequence (dub mix)by Christian Smith6:26
45.Pendulum (original mix) (and Sean Collier)by Fractious7:27
46.Qubit (original mix)by Jaceo6:48
47.The Red Sun (Harry Romero remix)by Wehbba6:10
48.Crash (original mix)by Frank Biazzi6:17
49.Night On The Moon (original mix)by Crazy Sonic5:29
50.Interlude (original mix)by Christian Smith3:26
51.Red Eye (original mix)by Dave Wincent6:20
52.Freak (original mix)by Rob Hes7:23
53.Nero (Macromism remix)by Nico Cabeza7:29
54.The Warning (original mix)by Loco & Jam7:22
55.Suspended (original mix)by Frankyeffe8:01
56.Subzero (Club mix)by Christian Smith5:09
57.Kreuzer (original mix)by Philipp Ruhmhardt6:03
58.9909LA (Christian Smiths Filtered dub mix)by Marc Marzenit8:36
59.Good For All (original mix)by Paride Saraceni7:31
60.Explanation (original mix)by Christian Smith7:21
61.Move On (Paco Osuna edit)by Eric Sneo7:23
62.Keep Calling (original mix)by Skober7:52
63.Rules (original mix)by Frank Biazzi5:58
64.Break Point (original mix)by Raffaele Rizzi6:36
65.Signs (original mix)by Nico Cabeza6:10
66.Seven Colors (original mix)by Drunken Kong6:37
67.Abyss (original mix)by Hermanez6:49
68.Body2Body (original mix)by The Junkies7:35
69.Broken Heart (original mix)by Crazy Sonic6:57
70.Release (Stringz mix)by Christian Smith6:26
71.Awkward Vacation (original mix)by Wehbba7:11
72.9909LA (Warehouse mix)by Marc Marzenit7:54
73.The Overture (original mix)by Marc Romboy9:37
74.6ix Drilling (original mix)by The Junkies6:31
75.Reste (Raxon remix) (and Olivier Giacomotto)by Noir8:15
76.Variables (original mix)by Drunken Kong7:58
77.Rose (original mix)by 2pole6:21
78.Crunchy Food (original mix)by Macromism7:13
79.Tronica (original mix)by 2pole7:25
80.Blast Off (original mix)by Christian Smith8:21
81.Contrast (original mix)by Frank Biazzi6:53
82.Gargantuan (original mix)by Jaceo6:48
83.Are You Real (original mix)by Weska7:35
84.Ascent (original mix)by Wehbba6:33
85.Tungsten (original mix) (and Wehbba)by Christian Smith7:24
86.Hook At The Border (Paride Saraceni's Stormy dub mix)by Enrico Sangiuliano7:00
87.Reste (dub mix) (and Olivier Giacomotto)by Noir8:21
88.Broken Heart (Drunken Kong remix)by Crazy Sonic7:35
89.Flux (original mix)by Wehbba6:21
90.Input-Output (original mix)by Christian Smith7:11
91.Taunting (original mix)by Peter Bailey7:12
92.9909LA (Break mix)by Marc Marzenit7:15
93.Click Play (original mix)by Skober6:47
94.Orange (original mix)by Crazy Sonic7:19
95.Price Of Freedom (Dubspeeka remix)by Christian Smith6:29
96.See You Hide (original mix)by Reinier Zonneveld7:08
97.The Walk (original mix)by Macromism6:39
98.Human Machine (Remastered)by Christian Smith7:08
99.Tulipa (original mix)by 2pole7:44
100.Boundaries Of Sonic (original mix)by Loco & Jam6:56
101.Infinite Circle (original mix)by Drunken Kong7:40

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