Truth Or Dare mp3 Album by Oomph!

Truth Or Dareby Oomph!

  • 16 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 59:55


1.Ready Or Not (I'M Coming)3:22
2.Burning Desire3:48
3.Song Of Death3:53
4.God Is A Popstar3:54
6.The Final Match3:33
9.Sex Is Not Enough3:39
10.Land Ahead4:07
11.Wake Up!3:31
12.The Power Of Love4:04
13.True Beauty Is So Painful3:03
14.The First Time Always Hurts3:58
15.Dream Here (With Me)3:54
16.On Course3:36
Usually when artists try to sing in another language than what they grew up with it doesn't always turn out so great. This however is an exception. Dero (the main singer) changes over to English beautifully and though I prefer him singing in German I love his voice in English as well. I would recommend this CD to anyone who likes this kind of music but prefers to be able to understand what they are saying without having to look up a translation.