Twice Removed (Deluxe Edition) mp3 Album by Sloan

Twice Removed (Deluxe Edition)by Sloan

  • 40 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:15:05


Disk #1

2.I Hate My Generation2:27
3.People of the Sky3:38
4.Coax Me3:27
5.Bells On3:54
7.Worried Now2:40
8.Shame Shame3:04
9.Deeper Than Beauty2:42
10.Snowsuit Sound3:49
11.Before I Do7:06
12.I Can Feel It3:27

Disk #2

1.Penpals (31 Clayton Park Dr demo)3:02
2.I Hate My Generation (Pier 21 demo)2:19
3.People of the Sky (Pier 21 demo)3:33
4.Coax Me (31 Clayton Park Dr demo)3:25
5.Bells On (Pier 21 demo)4:00
6.Loosens (31 Clayton Park Dr demo)4:57
7.Worried Now (Pier 21 demo)2:39
8.Shame Shame (31 Clayton Park Dr demo)3:51
9.Deeper Than Beauty (Pier 21 demo)2:27
10.Snowsuit Sound (Sound Market demo)2:41
11.Before I Do (Pier 21 demo)5:22
12.I Can Feel It (Pier 21 demo)3:54

Disk #3

1.Guidance Counselor (31 Clayton Park Dr demo)2:21
2.Ill Placed Trust (31 Clayton Park Dr demo)2:58
3.Autobiography (Laura's Apartment demo)3:16
4.Consider It Lumped (Deep Space Nine demo)4:31
5.Sing Your Little Heart Out (31 Clayton Park Dr demo)2:44
6.Stood Up (Deep Space Nine demo)2:49
7.Same Old Flame (31 Clayton Park Dr demo)3:14
8.Every Needle Has an Eye (Deep Space Nine demo)3:25
9.Girl in Case (Pier 21 demo)2:32
10.One Professional Care (Sound Market demo)2:35
11.Kinetic and Content (31 Clayton Park Dr demo)3:16

Disk #4

1.I Hate My Generation (Chris demo)3:08
2.I Can Feel It (alternate chords demo)1:58

Disk #5

1.Sing Your Little Heart Out (Pier 21 demo)2:38
2.D Is for Driver (Pier 21 demo)2:52
3.Every Needle Has an Eye (31 Clayton Park Dr demo)3:48