Ultimate mp3 Artist Compilation by The Georgia Satellites
  • 50 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:14:15


1.Keep Your Hands to Yourself3:27
2.Railroad Steel4:12
3.Battleship Chains2:55
4.Red Light2:48
5.The Myth of Love4:12
6.Can't Stand the Pain3:42
7.Golden Light3:41
8.Over and Over3:36
9.Nights of Mystery4:30
10.Every Picture Tells a Story5:23
11.The Myth of Love - Live4:34
12.Battleship Chains - Kick 'N' Lick Remix3:09
13.Hard Luck Boy3:05
14.Red Light - Live2:43
15.No Money Down - Live5:17
16.Battleship Chains - Party Mix3:11
17.Nights of Mystery - Live3:11
18.I'm Waiting for the Man - Live5:42
19.Open All Night2:48
21.Whole Lotta Shakin'2:34
22.Cool Inside2:58
23.Don't Pass Me By4:53
24.My Baby4:08
25.Mon Cheri4:38
26.Down and Down3:48
27.Dunk 'n' Dine2:31
28.Baby So Fine3:49
29.Hand to Mouth4:50
30.Let It Rock - Live3:57
31.Hippy Hippy Shake1:47
32.Sheila - Remix3:29
33.Battleship Chains - Live3:30
34.Railroad Steel - Live7:54
35.Almost Saturday Night / Rockin' All Over the World4:02
36.I Dunno3:10
37.Bottle O' Tears3:52
38.All Over but the Crying5:10
39.Shake That Thing5:12
40.Six Years Gone3:09
41.Games People Play3:41
42.Another Chance4:34
43.Bring Down the Hammer4:23
45.Stellazine Blues4:11
46.Sweet Blue Midnight6:26
47.Days Gone By3:34
49.Dan Takes Five3:23
50.Saddle Up2:45

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