Underworld: Awakening mp3 Soundtrack by Paul Haslinger

Underworld: Awakeningby Paul Haslinger

  • 22 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 47:39


1.The Purgeby Paul Haslinger3:02
2.Underworld Awakening Main Titlesby Paul Haslinger0:52
3.Raiding the Army Surplus Storeby Paul Haslinger1:44
4.Non-Human Aggressorby Paul Haslinger1:31
5.I Was Subject 2by Paul Haslinger3:02
6.Arriving at the Covenby Paul Haslinger2:23
7.I've Never Seen a Child Like Thisby Paul Haslinger1:43
8.This Is Not One of Usby Paul Haslinger3:20
9.I Know Exactly What You Areby Paul Haslinger1:38
10.If You Knew Him as I Didby Paul Haslinger3:47
11.Prepare the Armoryby Paul Haslinger2:10
12.The Uber-Lycanby Paul Haslinger1:06
13.Reanimationby Paul Haslinger1:16
14.Then Came the Purgeby Paul Haslinger2:30
15.Selene Returns to Antigenby Paul Haslinger2:08
16.Find Her and Destroy Herby Paul Haslinger2:28
17.The Lycan Van Escapeby Paul Haslinger2:15
18.I Heal Instantlyby Paul Haslinger1:41
19.You Came Backby Paul Haslinger1:16
20.Reclaiming the Worldby Paul Haslinger1:29
21.The Melancholy of Resistanceby Paul Haslinger2:41
22.A New Dawnby Paul Haslinger3:37
I cannot believe there is a soundtrack for this movie! The Underworld movies are my absolute favorite movies of all time! Every single second is completely captivating! The vampires are sexy, the werewolves are fearsome, and the romance and action are equally inviting. You don't WATCH these movies; you CRAVE them, DESIRE them, LONG for them, NEED them. They fill every part of you with excitement and lust. You can't sit still, or look away, or think of anything except the characters. So knowing there is an ACTUAL soundtrack for this movie excites me :)