United mp3 Album by Harem Scarem

Unitedby Harem Scarem

  • 12 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 48:22


2.Here Today, Gone Tomorrow3:27
4.Sinking Ship4:12
5.One Of Life's Mysteries3:57
6.No Regrets4:05
7.Bite The Bullet3:54
8.Things I Know4:04
9.The Sky Is Falling3:52
10.Heaven And Earth3:47
12.Here Today, Gone Tomorrow (Acoustic Version)3:13
Highly anticipated new (2017) and 14th album by Harem Scarem. There were many songs and press releases prior to the release of the full album, creating a big buzz. One of the first songs presented was "Sinking Ship" which is a very strong melodic rock song, with a lot of energy. This song has plenty of hooks, melodic chorus, it is a song to remember. Another song released was the title track "United" which was also good. So with these tastes of the album being given in advance, it seemed "United" would be very strong. Unfortunately those were the best songs and the rest of the album, which is Melodic Rock, does not have the hooks or memorable melodies one expects from a band like Harem Scarem. Other good songs are "Heaven And Earth", "Things I Know", and "The Sky Is Falling". The recording is very clear, the mix well done. Their previous album "Thirteen" is slightly better than this one. Check that one out.