United States Live mp3 Live by Laurie Anderson
  • 78 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 4:24:32


Disk #1

1.Say Hello5:02
2.Walk the Dog6:41
3.Violin Solo2:15
4.Closed Circuits (for Voice and Amplified Mic Stand)6:06
5.For a Large and Changing Room2:51
6.Pictures of It (for Acoustic Tape Bow)1:31
7.The Language of the Future8:00
8.Cartoon Song1:15
9.Small Voice (for Speaker-in-Mouth)2:03
10.Three Walking Songs (for Tape Bow VIolin)4:20
11.The Healing Horn3:01
12.New Jersey Turnpike11:19
13.So Happy Birthday6:24
15.Dance of Electricity3:02
16.Three Songs for Paper, Film, and VIdeo6:02

Disk #2

1.Sax Solo (for Tape Bow VIolin)0:56
2.Sax Duet0:38
3.Born, Never Asked5:15
4.From the Air2:48
5.Beginning French2:16
6.O Superman11:05
8.Frames for the Pictures1:11
9.Democratic Way1:42
10.Looking for You1:19
11.Walking and Falling1:21
12.Private Property3:04
13.Neon Duet (for VIolin and Neon Bow)3:52
14.Let X = X6:16
15.The Mailman's Nightmare0:47
16.Difficult Listening Hour3:09
17.Language Is a VIrus From Outer Space7:58
19.If You Can't Talk About It, Point to It0:34
20.Violin Walk2:44
21.City Song3:35
22.Finnish Farmers5:13

Disk #3

1.Red Map1:56
2.Hey Ah3:52
3.Bagpipe Solo3:17
4.Steven Weed1:07
5.Time and a Half2:14
6.Voices on Tape1:28
7.Example #222:34
9.False Documents1:59
10.New York Social Life3:32
11.A Curious Phenomenon1:06
12.Yankee See7:58
13.I Dreamed I Had to Take a Test...1:20
14.Running Dogs0:38
15.Four, Three, Two, One1:16
16.The Big Top2:53
17.It Was up in the Mountains2:14
18.Odd Objects4:04
19.Dr. Miller5:18
20.Big Science7:20
21.Big Science Reprise1:48

Disk #4

1.Cello Solo2:42
2.It Tango1:52
3.Blue Lagoon9:40
4.Hothead (La Langue d'amour)4:48
5.Stiff Neck1:33
6.Telephone Song1:34
8.We've Got Four Big Clocks (and They're All Ticking)2:23
9.Song for Two Jims2:58
10.Over the River3:31
11.Mach 202:48
12.Rising Sun3:25
13.The VIsitors3:02
14.The Stranger1:58
16.Going Somewhere?0:55
18.Dog Show0:49
19.Lighting Out for the Territories3:13