Uplifting Only: Orchestral Trance Year Mix 2016 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Uplifting Only: Orchestral Trance Year Mix 2016by Various Artists

  • 25 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 4:52:23


1.Timeless (Orchestral Trance Mix)by Kelly Andrew9:15
2.Last Forever (Original Mix)by Illitheas7:46
3.To Feel Again (Extended Mix)by Darren Porter6:43
4.Kingdoms (Radio Edit)by Aly & Fila3:30
5.Northern Lights Everything (Dave' Sonar 3am. Mashup) (feat. Danny Claire)by Esmee Bor Stotijn7:04
6.Forgetting (Original Mix)by Braulio Stefield6:51
7.Don't Say (Original Mix) (feat. Victoriya)by Allen & Envy3:58
8.Set To Sail (Original Mix) (feat. Kate Louise Smith)by Menno de Jong7:30
9.Fly Away (Allen Watts Edit)by Jak Aggas3:08
10.Extraterrestrials (Extended Mix)by Simon O'Shine8:18
11.When I'm With You (Original Mix)by Andy Elliass8:07
12.Fable (Mhammed El Alami Remix)by Cherry M6:37
13.Moments With You (Intro Mix)by Illitheas5:44
14.Serenity (2016 Remaster)by Sound Apparel12:09
15.True Love (Plutian's Sentimental Take)by Nick Parker9:01
16.The Tribute (Original Mix)by A.R.D.I.7:47
17.Heiwa (Original Mix)by Type 418:02
18.Halion (Original Mix)by Illitheas7:11
19.Essence of Life (Original Mix)by SoundLift8:05
20.Himba (Ikerya Project & Maratone Remix)by Ahmed Romel6:56
21.Rising Hope (Original Mix)by Illitheas6:10
22.Elaine (Original Mix)by Aldo Henrycho8:41
23.Tears of Hope (Original Mix)by Illitheas8:09
24.Uplifting Only - Orchestral Trance Year Mix 2016 (Continuous Mix, Pt. 1)by Various Artists1:00:43
25.Uplifting Only - Orchestral Trance Year Mix 2016 (Continuous Mix, Pt. 2)by Various Artists1:04:58