Uplifting Trance 2018 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Uplifting Trance 2018by Various Artists

  • 25 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:42:44


1.Free To Feel Again (Extended Mix) (feat. Katty Heath)by Maarten De Jong5:47
2.Horizon (Alan Morris Extended Mix) (feat. Hysteria!)by Ferrin & Morris5:43
3.Golden Horizon (Extended Mix) (feat. Jess Morgan)by Nitrous Oxide7:01
4.Uncharted (Extended Mix)by Kaimo K7:04
5.Free (Original Mix) (feat. Enya Angel)by Exis3:08
6.The Promise (Extended Mix) (feat. Susana)by Neev Kennedy6:05
7.Safe In The Storm (Dreamy Extended Mix) (feat. Cathy Burton)by 4 Strings6:57
8.Kepler (Extended Mix) (and Patrick Dreama)by F.G. Noise7:34
9.Broken Child (Extended Mix) (feat. Sarah Lynn)by Steve Allen8:16
10.Are You A Stranger (Extended Mix) (and Waltin Jay)by Stargazers5:51
11.Parachute (Original Mix) (feat. Julie Thompson)by Heaven's Cry3:01
12.Sun Rays (Extended Mix)by Bluskay6:38
13.Nowhere Left To Hide (Extended Mix) (feat. Sue Mclaren & La Antonia)by Alan Morris6:30
14.Find The Sun (Solarstone Extended Mix) (feat. Moya Brennan)by Raz Nitzan7:03
15.The Future (Extended Mix)by Passenger 757:22
16.Rise (Extended Mix)by Katty Heath7:20
17.More Than A Photograph (F.G. Noise Extended Mix) (feat. Maria Nayler)by Jericho Frequency7:23
18.Feel You (Extended Mix) (and Adam Ellis feat. Crystal Blakk)by Talla 2XLC7:24
19.Mind Of The Wonderful 2018 (Sunset Extended Mix)by Elles De Graaf6:50
20.The Beauty Of The Night (Blue5even Extended Mix) (feat. Maria Nayler)by Nitrous Oxide6:19
21.The Rest Of Me (Extended Mix) (feat. Kim Casandra)by Phillip J7:30
22.Gone For Good (Extended Mix) (and Jo Cartwright)by Myde6:31
23.Call It What It Is (Extended Mix) (feat. Sue Mclaren)by Kaimo K7:18
24.Stay (Extended Mix) (and Waltin Jay)by 4 Strings6:05
25.Someone Else's Lover (Extended Mix) (and Neev Kennedy)by Raz Nitzan6:04

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