Uplifting Trance 2019 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Uplifting Trance 2019by Various Artists

  • 25 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:44:44


1.The Remedy (Extended Mix) (and Patrick Dreama)by Steve Allen6:40
2.Be Here With Me (Extended Mix) (feat. Katty Heath)by Stargazers5:48
3.Lower Than The Ground (Extended Mix) (feat. Sarah Russell)by Nitrous Oxide5:51
4.When You Come Home (Extended Mix)by Kaimo K7:51
5.Vorny (Extended Mix)by Steve Allen5:43
6.Deceptions (Extended Mix)by Bluskay6:56
7.Broken (Extended Mix) (feat. Jo Cartwright)by Adam Ellis7:59
8.Ares (Extended Mix)by Nikolauss6:03
9.Lighthouse (Alan Wyse Extended Mix)by Elles de Graaf7:08
10.Frozen River (Steve Allen Extended Mix) (feat. Ana Criado & Solis & Sean Truby)by Steve Allen5:40
11.Nothing Can Be Further From The Truth (Extended Mix) (feat. Emma Horan)by Skylex6:00
12.Wasteland (Extended Mix) (feat. Lauren Ní Chasaide)by Myde6:03
13.Duality (Extended Mix)by F.G. Noise7:11
14.I Remember You (Patrick Dreama Extended Mix) (and Neev Kennedy)by Stargazers6:07
15.Hurt (RYDEX Extended Mix) (feat. Jaren)by Saad Ayub6:50
16.Falling Milestone (Extended Mix) (feat. Kim Casandra)by Phillip J7:44
17.Spark (Extended Mix)by Kaimo K7:11
18.Connection Through Sound (Nikolauss Extended Mix)by Katty Heath6:31
19.The Sound Of Goodbye (Ferrin & Morris Extended Mix) (and Perpetuous Dreamer)by Armin Van Buuren6:54
20.Loinnir (Extended Mix)by Strabo6:41
21.This World Is Full of Goodbyes 2018 (Extended Mix)by Stine Grove6:47
22.No One Else (Extended Mix) (and Amy Kirkpatrick)by Drival6:05
23.Unbroken (Extended Mix)by Sue Mclaren6:32
24.Spring Is Always Somewhere Else (Extended Mix) (feat. Fenna Day)by Nitrous Oxide7:02
25.Beautiful Light (Extended Mix)by 4 Strings5:27

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