Vintage Chic 100: Part Four mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Vintage Chic 100: Part Fourby Various Artists

  • 100 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 6:18:57


1.Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enoughby Amazonics4:24
2.Safe and Soundby Flora Martinez3:29
3.High & Dryby ABC4:25
4.The Scientistby General Soundbwoy3:56
5.She's a Sensation (and Deise Costa)by Brazil XXI3:59
6.Thinking out Loudby Sublime Reggae Kings4:00
7.Uptown Funkby Shelly Sony4:14
8.Satellite of Loveby Urselle3:40
9.Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)by 48th St. Collective2:29
10.The Way It Isby Karen Souza3:27
11.Together in Electric Dreamsby Stella Starlight Trio3:49
12.It's Too Lateby The Moleskins4:12
13.Disorderby Ituana4:27
14.Blame It on the Boogieby Eve St. Jones2:43
15.Firestone (and Rolla)by Urban Love3:53
16.Don't Stand So Close to Me (and Benjamin)by Quadra4:11
17.Diamondsby Shelly Sony4:59
18.Common Peopleby Urselle3:37
19.All Rightby Golden Smirk4:06
20.Beat Itby Groove Da Praia3:56
21.Come on Eileenby Urselle3:39
22.Off the Wallby Scubba3:39
23.2nightby Golden Smirk3:23
24.Alaska Sunsetby Bridge Luka3:24
25.Broken Arrowsby Shirley Adamson3:42
26.Three Little Birdsby Os Digitalistas3:07
27.Everybody Hurtsby Karen Souza4:12
28.Wichita Linemanby Ituana3:31
29.Roarby Shelly Sony3:57
30.Runaway (U & I)by Watching Colours3:24
31.Numbby Ituana3:29
32.Will You Be Thereby Sarah Menescal3:40
33.The Way You Make Me Feelby Sarah Menescal2:24
34.Man Downby Shelly Sony4:33
35.U La La Laby Golden Smirk2:45
36.Rather Beby The Reggister’s3:26
37.Something Newby Groove Messengers4:48
38.Walking in the Rainby Shelly Sony3:38
39.Empire State of Mindby Trippynova4:37
40.Come Togetherby Meloscience Corp.4:40
41.Are You with Meby Dinah York2:49
42.I Melt with Youby Francoise Sanders3:11
43.Intoxicatedby Trippynova3:17
44.The Riverby Ituana4:26
45.Living on Both Sidesby Beluga’s Trio3:21
46.Coco Jambooby Corcovado Frequency3:07
47.Love Is Never Overby Beluga’s Trio3:59
48.Love Me Like You Doby Stereo Dub3:26
49.Like Homeby Trippynova2:56
50.I Feel the Earth Moveby The Moleskins4:22
51.Hold Me Nowby Groovy Waters4:34
52.You Own My Loveby dEW4:22
53.Jack and Dianeby James Farrelli3:28
54.Shape of My Heartby Karen Souza4:49
55.Open Armsby Nikki Ocean3:01
56.Rocket Manby Heaven 174:38
57.Repetitionby Natascha4:33
58.Live Foreverby Ivette Moraes4:05
59.To Love Somebodyby Orleya3:56
60.Come Away with Me (and Monique)by Bristol Love3:13
61.I Need You in My Lifeby Ama Lur3:10
62.Let Me Touch You for Awhileby The Moleskins3:53
63.Wonderful Tonightby Bellestar3:50
64.Paperback Writerby Mandy Jones2:02
65.Heroesby Ama Lur3:36
66.Don't Chaby Nikki Ocean4:24
67.And I Love Her (and Orleya)by DJ Leao3:20
68.Omenby Shelly Sony4:02
69.Twist in My Sobrietyby Karen Souza4:03
70.I Can't Stop Lovin' You (Though I Try) (Album Mix)by Ituana3:57
71.Like I'm Gonna Lose Youby Marianne Pretty4:54
72.Oneby Deborah Dixon & The Take Five Movement3:42
73.How Deep Is Your Loveby E-Mulation3:38
74.Motherby Mandy Jones & Jackson Allstars3:58
75.Caravan of Loveby Sarah Menescal3:40
76.Can't Get You out of My Headby James Farrelli3:55
77.Take My Breath Awayby Black Hole3:09
78.Open Your Eyes (and Tania Love)by Beluga’s Trio3:37
79.The Nightsby Hypnomusic4:11
80.The Crying Gameby Natalie Renoir3:27
81.Without Youby Rosin Taylor3:16
82.I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking Forby Apollinare Rossi3:45
83.With or Without Youby Ecko4:03
84.Stairway to Heavenby The Brian J. White Quartet5:28
85.Lost and Lonelyby DUALBOX4:16
86.Deep Overby Klub Rider2:59
87.Momentsby George Evans3:33
88.On Your Shadowby Style Project3:13
89.Believeby E-Mulation2:40
90.Waiting for the Rain (Moist Label Edit)by Francoise Sanders4:05
91.On parle de vousby Beluga’s Trio2:29
92.Up in the Skyby Os Digitalistas5:13
93.Beautiful Angel (Blue Sky MIX)by Obeka Lee3:23
94.Sensual Tango in Paris (Late Night Mix)by Le Griser3:21
95.I Adore Youby York2:49
96.The Fear (and Virgin)by Sonictrip4:42
97.Imagineby Ituana4:15
98.Here Today, Gone Tomorrow (Elevation Edit)by Cherie Currie2:19
99.Mr. Jones (and Angie)by George White Group6:24
100.Hallelujahby Nikki Ocean4:49