Vintage Chic 100: Part Five mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Vintage Chic 100: Part Fiveby Various Artists

  • 100 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 6:05:51


1.You Can't Always Get What You Want (Big Little Lies Mix)by Ituana4:23
2.High and Dryby Sarah Menescal3:40
3.Like a Stoneby Francoise Sanders3:53
4.Passionfruitby Amazonics4:07
5.Seven Nation Armyby Ituana3:12
6.Best of You (Chill Mix)by Dual Sessions3:47
7.In the Blink of an Eyeby Karen Souza3:47
8.Let's Stay Togetherby Flora Martinez3:40
9.Latchby Jamie Lancaster3:25
10.Summer Of '69by The Cooltrane Quartet4:19
11.Easy Lover (and Jamie Lancaster)by Shelly Sony4:04
12.Union of the Snakeby Jazzystics2:57
13.Maniacby Urselle4:09
14.A Face in the Crowdby Sao Vicente3:11
15.Oh L'amourby Sarah Menescal3:07
16.Freeby Jazzystics3:31
17.Rich Girlby Anakelly2:39
18.Candy (and Jamie Lancaster)by Ituana4:20
19.Sugarby Dinah Eastwood3:33
20.Castle on the Hillby George White Group4:28
21.Love Vigilantesby Eve St. Jones4:17
22.Losing My Religionby Banda Do Sul4:01
23.Who's That Chick?by Sixth Finger3:19
24.Love is Strong (Album Mix) (and Uschi)by Urban Love4:06
25.Would I Lie to You? (Reggae Version)by Corcovado Frequency3:21
26.What You Needby Freedom Dub2:43
27.Promises (as the Years Go by)by Groove Da Praia3:41
28.What's Going On (and Urban Love)by Shelly Sony3:52
29.Heavyby Os Digitalistas2:54
30.Workby Von & Renauld3:46
31.Let Him Goby Corcovado Frequency3:00
32.All the Loveby Amazonics2:42
33.This Girl (Chill Mix) (and Jamaican Reggae Cuts)by Groove Messengers3:09
34.No Moneyby Corcovado Frequency3:10
35.More Than Wordsby Groove Da Praia3:51
36.Together Foreverby Os Digitalistas3:26
37.Tarde Grisby Tango Tripping Project4:31
38.Shades of Greyby Deise Costa2:57
39.Take Your Time (Do It Right)by Freedom Dub2:44
40.Sugarby Brazil XXI3:20
41.Used to Love Herby Sarah Menescal3:05
42.Everybody's Got to Learn Sometimeby Urselle3:50
43.Tarzan Boyby James Farrelli3:15
44.Forget Youby Urban Love3:09
45.Virtual Insanityby Groove Da Praia3:36
46.Holding Onby Space Afro4:22
47.Like a Rolling Stoneby Amazonics4:29
48.Sunday Morning (Reggae Version)by Ghetto Blaster Ltd.3:19
49.I Want to Break Freeby Glambeats Corp.3:04
50.Driveby James Farrelli3:15
51.Bring on the Nightby James Farrelli3:09
52.Cheerleaderby Bossart Ensemble3:22
53.Without Youby Groove Da Praia3:15
54.Don't Stop Believin'by Sarah Menescal2:55
55.Runaway Trainby Sixth Finger3:55
56.Anybody Seen My Babyby Groove Da Praia3:54
57.Outsideby Os Alquimistas4:07
58.Lean Onby Rosin Taylor3:11
59.Saint of Meby Corcovado Frequency4:15
60.Beautiful Now (and Astrud C)by Kever Gasse4:45
61.One Headlightby Shelly Sony4:05
62.Rock and a Hard Placeby Groovy Waters3:47
63.I Don't Want Your Loveby Sarah Menescal3:22
64.Ocean Driveby Ghetto Blaster Ltd3:39
65.Levelsby Les Crossaders4:18
66.Amor en Milanoby Brazil XXI2:48
67.Heroesby Stereo Dub3:24
68.Vuelo de Amorby Tango Tripping Project3:34
69.Drinks Tonightby Von Mondo, Volpe3:06
70.Cold Cold Heartby Anakelly3:04
71.I Need Your Love (and Shelly Sony)by Adrian Deno3:33
72.Angel Eyesby Karen Souza4:22
73.Policy of Truth (Lo-Fi Hip-Hop Mix) (and Golden Smirk)by Shelly Sony4:19
74.To Love Somebody (and Silvie)by Brazil XXI3:47
75.Something Just Like Thisby Amazonics3:36
76.Take My Breath Awayby Urselle3:58
77.Master Blaster (Jammin')by Anakelly4:07
78.Say It Isn't Soby Nikki Ocean3:44
79.Chasing Pavementsby Bellestar3:41
80.You're Beautifulby Amazonics3:30
81.Earth Songby Anakelly3:24
82.Heavenby Stella Starlight Trio3:47
83.Breakfast at Tiffany'sby Groove Waters3:36
84.Hold Me Nowby The Cooltrane Quartet3:55
85.Up and Upby Stella Starlight Trio4:15
86.Glory of Loveby James Farrelli4:08
87.I Just Called to Say I Love Youby Urselle3:55
88.Million Years Ago (and Anekka)by Scubba3:56
89.Can't Get Enough of You Babyby Sarah Menescal2:16
90.Sultans of Swingby George White Group4:50
91.The Man Who Can't Be Movedby Anakelly4:18
92.Kidsby Karen Souza3:14
93.Make You Feel My Loveby United Rhythms of Brazil3:48
94.Salvadorby Adrian Deno4:21
95.Like I Wouldby Astrud C.3:48
96.Locked out of Heavenby Ecko3:48
97.Gold (Trip Hop Mix) (and Freedom Dub)by DJ Style3:57
98.Look for the Spirits (After Office Mix)by Golden Smirk2:17
99.Karmacoma (Massive Respect Mix)by Buddha Sounds4:46
100.Little Birdby Lila Frascara4:34