Vocals & Guitars mp3 Album by Michael Kiske

Vocals & Guitarsby Michael Kiske

  • 12 Tracks
  • 256 kbps
  • 1:04:42


1.Cross The Line (Place Vendome)4:58
2.Key To The Universe (Timmo Tolkki )4:09
3.Judas At The Opera (Edguy)7:19
4.The Encounter (Thalion)5:15
5.Promised Land (Avantasia)4:52
6.Silver Maiden (Aina)5:00
7.Absolution (Tribuzy)9:37
8.Too Late (Place Vendome)4:17
9.Breathe In Water (Indigo Dying)4:55
10.Shelter From The Rain (Avantasia)6:10
11.Heroes (Masterplan)3:30
12.Land Of The Free (Gamma Ray)4:40