Warp 10+3: Remixes mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Warp 10+3: Remixesby Various Artists

  • 26 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:33:22


Disk #1

1.Simon From Sydney / (Curtains) (Pram remix)by LFO / Aphex Twin5:05
2.Hey! Hey! Can You Relate? (Luke Vibert remix)by DJ Mink4:07
3.Kid for Today (Stereolab remix)by Boards of Canada4:04
4.When Face Was Face (Kitchen Sink Space Anthem mix by ISAN)by Seefeel5:05
5.Vletrmx (Plaid remix)by Autechre6:19
6.[Cliffs] (Four Tet remix)by Aphex Twin7:00
7.Nurture (Surgeon remix)by LFO5:44
8.Testone (Oily Bag mix by Winston & Ross)by Sweet Exorcist7:29
9.Sal Batardes (Purple remix by Autechre)by Nightmares on Wax6:59
10.Playtime (John McEntire remix)by Nightmares on Wax5:38
11.Hammer Without a Master (Underdog remix)by Broadcast8:19
12.EP7 / Envane (Bogdan Raczynski remix)by Autechre3:22
13.Arcadian (Mogwai remix)by Link9:28

Disk #2

1.An Eagle in Your Mind (Push Button Objects remix)by Boards of Canada5:42
2.Wilmot (Red Snapper remix)by The Sabres of Paradise6:12
3.Spine Bubbles (Ellis Island Sound remix)by Two Lone Swordsmen6:02
4.Polka Trax 3 (Wechsel Garland remix)by Mike Ink5:01
5.Freeze (Labradford remix)by LFO6:32
6.Big Loada (Oval remix)by Squarepusher3:49
7.Booklovers (Andy Votel remix)by Broadcast7:19
8.Come to Daddy (Richard Devine remix)by Aphex Twin5:55
9.Air Eyes (Mira Calix remix)by Seefeel3:54
10.Mad Jack (Jimi Tenor remix)by Sweet Exorcist6:14
11.Tricky Disco (Plone remix)by Tricky Disco2:50
12.Characi (Jim O'Rourke remix)by Autechre5:55
13.Tied Up (Spiritualized remix)by LFO9:18

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