Watching The Dark mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Watching The Darkby Various Artists

  • 47 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:37:37


Disk #1

1.A Man in Needby Richard Thompson3:34
2.Can't Winby Richard Thompson9:13
3.Waltzing's for Dreamersby Richard Thompson4:07
4.Crash the Partyby Richard Thompson5:37
5.I Still Dreamby Richard Thompson5:09
6.Bird in God's Garden / Lost and Foundby French Frith Kaiser Thompson5:44
7.Now Be Thankfulby Fairport Convention2:27
8.A Sailor's Lifeby Fairport Convention11:26
9.Genesis Hallby Fairport Convention3:39
10.The Knife-Edgeby Richard Thompson5:32
11.Walking on a Wireby Richard & Linda Thompson5:29
12.Small Town Romanceby Richard Thompson3:43
13.Shepherd's March / Maggie Cameronby Richard Thompson5:01
14.Wall of Deathby Richard & Linda Thompson3:44

Disk #2

1.For Shame of Doing Wrongby Richard & Linda Thompson4:31
2.Back Street Slideby Richard & Linda Thompson4:28
3.Strange Affairby Richard & Linda Thompson3:11
4.The Wrong Heartbeatby Richard & Linda Thompson3:12
5.Borrowed Timeby Richard & Linda Thompson5:38
6.From Galway to Gracelandby Richard Thompson4:47
7.Tear Stained Letterby Richard Thompson6:54
8.Keep Your Distanceby Richard Thompson4:12
9.Bogie's Bonnie Belleby Richard Thompson3:52
10.Poor Wee Jockey Clarkeby Richard Thompson2:32
11.Jet Plane in a Rocking Chairby Richard & Linda Thompson2:50
12.Dimming of the Dayby Richard & Linda Thompson3:53
13.Old Man Inside a Young Manby Richard & Linda Thompson4:29
14.Never Againby Richard & Linda Thompson3:10
15.Hokey Pokey (The Ice Cream Song)by Richard & Linda Thompson3:23
16.A Heart Needs a Homeby Richard & Linda Thompson4:01
17.Beat the Retreatby Richard & Linda Thompson5:52

Disk #3

1.Al Bowlly's in Heavenby Richard Thompson5:13
2.Walking Through a Wasted Landby Richard Thompson4:03
3.When the Spell Is Brokenby Richard Thompson6:56
4.Devonsideby Richard Thompson3:56
5.Little Blue Numberby Richard Thompson2:56
6.I Ain't Going to Drag My Feet No Moreby Richard Thompson5:12
7.Withered and Diedby Richard & Linda Thompson3:27
8.Nobody's Weddingby Richard Thompson3:16
9.The Poor Ditching Boyby Richard Thompson3:04
10.The Great Valerioby Richard & Linda Thompson5:26
11.Twistedby Richard Thompson2:01
12.Calvary Crossby Richard Thompson7:12
13.Jennieby Richard Thompson4:03
14.Hand of Kindnessby Richard Thompson6:04
15.Two Left Feetby Richard Thompson3:55
16.Shoot Out the Lightsby Richard Thompson5:33