We Are Planet Perfecto, Volume 02 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

We Are Planet Perfecto, Volume 02by Various Artists

  • 42 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 6:01:03


1.Euphoria (Original Mix)by 7Tales6:25
2.Nandaya (Original Mix)by Romain Curtis5:29
3.Pistol Whip (Original Mix Edit)by Norin & Rad3:00
4.Change My World (Radio Edit) (and Matt Nash feat. Chris Warne)by Dave Silcox3:47
5.Surrender (MaisonDragen Radio Edit) (feat. J Hart)by Paul Oakenfold3:15
6.Ray Of Love (Denzal Park Instrumental)by Tune In Tokyo6:28
7.Put Me Up (Original Mix)by Mike Perry6:00
8.Damaged (Radio Mix) (feat. Fiora)by Antillas3:18
9.Reach Up (Pappas Got A Brand New Pigbag) (FleshBone Remix Edit)by Perfecto All Stars3:08
10.Soviet (Mark Sherrys 128 Edit)by Harvey Anderson6:52
11.Perfectly Still (Disfunktion Remix) (feat. Carol Lee)by Dark Matters7:15
12.Touch The Sky (Original Mix Edit) (and Matt Goss)by Paul Oakenfold4:34
13.Top Of The World (Carl NorenSwedish Egil Remix)by Joyriders6:39
14.Mutfakta (Original Mix)by Chuckie & Gregori Klosman5:10
15.Higher (Radio Edit)by Brilliant3:44
16.Maybe Its Over (Organ Donors Perfecto Mix) (feat. Tamra Keenan)by Paul Oakenfold6:37
17.Rewind (D.O.D Remix)by Michael S.6:36
18.Metronome (Radio Edit) (and Yanik Coen)by Richard Beynon3:39
19.Hammer (Radio Edit) (and Ben Nicky)by Tom Fall3:07
20.Please Me (FleshBone Radio Edit) (feat. Paul Oakenfold & Maxi Trusso)by Poncho4:00
21.River Of Hearts (Ben Gold Remix)by Mr. Pit6:51
22.We Are Planet Perfecto, Volume 02 (Full Continuous DJ Mix, Part 1)by Various Artists1:15:43
23.Everytime (Disfunktion Radio Edit) (feat. Natalie Gauci)by New York FM3:15
24.Baptism Of Fire (Original Mix Edit)by Organ Donors3:23
25.Sleep (Marcus Schossow Perfecto Mix) (feat. Tamra Keenan)by Paul Oakenfold6:45
26.If You Would (Original Mix) (and Matthew LeFace)by Carlo Astuti6:49
27.Roads (Radio Edit)by Siege3:52
28.Embrace Me (Dirty South Remix) (feat. Urban Cone & Lucas Nord)by John Dahlbäck6:26
29.Purple Drops (Original Mix)by Dave 2026:52
30.All About You (Disfunktion Radio Edit) (feat. Anna McDonald)by Dabruck & Klein3:10
31.Time Is Running Out (Cliff Coenraad Repimp)by Marcel Woods6:06
32.Lux In Tenebris (Jake Shanahan Remix) (feat. Tyler Sherritt)by Swab & Joey Mova7:38
33.Close Your Eyes (Radio Edit)by Matt Nash3:21
34.Feel (Original Mix) (vs. Cicada)by Third Party5:55
35.Children (Original Higher Level Mix) (and Mike Candys)by Jack Holiday5:00
36.Stylus Over Substance (Original Mix Edit)by Organ Donors3:45
37.Chuckie Cheese (Radio Edit)by Richard Beynon2:58
38.WTF (Original Mix) (and ZROQ)by Nicky Romero6:22
39.Three Triangles (Original Club Mix)by Hardwell7:17
40.Cascade (Original Mix)by Tommy Trash6:17
41.Damage Control (Original Mix) (and Hirshee feat. Amba Shepherd)by Lazy Rich6:15
42.We Are Planet Perfecto, Volume 02 (Full Continuous DJ Mix, Part 2)by Various Artists1:18:00