We Are Planet Perfecto, Volume 4: #FullOnFluoro mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

We Are Planet Perfecto, Volume 4: #FullOnFluoroby Various Artists

  • 44 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 5:10:35


1.Only Child (Radio Edit) (feat. Sophie Ellis-Bextor)by DedRekoning3:33
2.Wild Child (Radio Edit) (and Marcus Schossow feat. JJ)by Adrian Lux2:42
3.People (Radio Edit)by Andre Sobota3:08
4.Tranquiliser (Radio Edit)by Philthy Chit4:18
5.Not Enough (Radio Edit) (and Jennifer Rene)by Solid Stone4:17
6.No Matter (2014 Rework) (Radio Edit) (feat. Max'C)by Disfunktion3:41
7.Blue Sky Action (Grum Radio Edit) (feat. Alex Vargas)by Above & Beyond3:41
8.Colours (Disfunktion Radio Edit) (feat. Bonnie Legion)by MB Sak3:35
9.Flare (LTN Radio Edit)by Soundprank3:23
10.Syxe (Oakenfold Edit)by Disfunktion5:11
11.The Mayans Are Coming Back (Radio Edit)by Future Disciple4:00
12.Hidden Dreams (Radio Edit)by Shadow of Two3:54
13.Get Enough (Original Mix)by Sander van Doorn5:54
14.So Caught Up (Rafaël Frost Radio Edit) (feat. Neev Kennedy)by Max Graham3:48
15.Touch Me (Perfecto Radio Edit) (and Cassandra Fox)by Paul Oakenfold3:19
16.Hold That Sucker Down (Paul Oakenfold 'Stateside' Radio Edit)by Paul Oakenfold3:42
17.Once Lydian (Radio Edit)by Andrew Bayer3:11
18.In Your Hands (Radio Edit) (and Fisher)by Richard Durand3:34
19.Pathfinder (Radio Edit)by Styller3:51
20.Lekker (Radio Edit) (vs. Maarten De Jong)by Max Graham3:49
21.Ready Steady Go! (Beatman & Ludmilla Radio Edit)by Paul Oakenfold4:00
22.We Are Planet Perfecto, Volume 04 - #FullOnFluoro (Full Continuous DJ Mix, Part 1)by Various Artists1:13:56
23.Behind The Wheel (Radio Edit)by Haldolium3:38
24.Hypnotized (Markus Schulz Radio Edit) (feat. Tiff Lacey)by Paul Oakenfold3:31
25.Poison Whispers (Radio Edit)by Johnny Yono3:42
26.Azure (Radio Edit) (and Mike Saint-Jules)by Eco3:47
27.Dissolve (Radio Edit) (feat. Sarah Howells)by Simon Patterson4:02
28.Not Over Yet (Radio Edit)by Paul Oakenfold4:29
29.Serpents (MESMER Radio Edit)by Home Alone3:50
30.Land Of Freedom (Liquid Soul Radio Edit)by Transwave3:53
31.Starstuff (Radio Edit)by E-clip & Egorythmia3:36
32.Morning Light (Radio Edit)by Richard Durand2:38
33.Heart Of Stone (Solarstone Pure Radio Edit)by IKO4:11
34.Dancing In The Key Of Life (M.I.K.E. Push Radio Edit)by Markus Schulz3:56
35.I Don't Know (Ksen Radio Edit)by Cosmonaut & Satellites2:46
36.Liquid Dream (Radio Edit) (and DJ Dream)by Liquid Soul3:34
37.Prana Flow (Radio Edit)by Thomas Datt4:17
38.Be There (Darren Porter Radio Edit)by Federation3:49
39.Raysa (Radio Edit)by Mac & Monday4:07
40.Open Your Eyes (XGenic Radio Edit)by Paul Oakenfold4:07
41.Vice Versa (Vertical Mode Radio Edit)by Man With No Name3:50
42.Victims (Radio Edit)by Will Atkinson3:57
43.Ibiza (Paul Oakenfold Full On Fluoro Radio Edit)by Paul Oakenfold3:54
44.We Are Planet Perfecto, Volume 04 - #FullOnFluoro (Full Continuous DJ Mix, Part 2)by Various Artists1:16:34