Weightless mp3 Album by Animals As Leaders
  • 12 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 46:36


1.An Infinte Regression3:26
4.Earth Departure5:10
5.Isolated Incidents3:48
6.Do Not Go Gently3:41
7.New Eden2:41
8.Cylindrical Sea4:33
10.To Lead You to an Overwhelming Question4:50
Animals As Leaders follow up their 2009 self-titled debut with the best instrumental metal album of the year in "Weightless". The biggest difference between the last album and Weightless is undoubtedly the drumming. Live drumming by the immensely talented Navene Koperweis has replaced the programmed drums by Misha Mansoor to great effect especially in tracks like "Odessa" and "Cylindrical Sea". Song-writing has become more interesting this time around as master shredder Tosin Abasi has upped his game and gone from writing really complex riffs that were somewhat repetitive to a full album where every track stands out as different and special. I think the highlight of "Weightless" is "Odessa", which starts with a pulsing staccato beat into a beautifully twisting arpeggiated guitar line. If you buy one instrumental album this year, make it "Weightless" and try to see these songs live. Incredible!