Welcome 2 Texas mp3 Album by Slim Thug

Welcome 2 Texasby Slim Thug

  • 26 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:21:24


1.O Let`s Do It Flow (feat. Trae)3:00
2.Dedication 2 My Haters4:12
3.Sweet Love4:00
4.Lemonade Flow1:07
6.Goin` Hard3:52
7.What`s Happenin`2:26
8.Wanna Choose (feat. Pimp C & Le$)4:32
9.Homegurl Remix3:49
10.Strippers (feat. Lil Ray)2:33
11.Rep The Dirty (feat. Ludacris, Dre Day & Kez)5:39
12.Hit Dat Hoe Flow (feat. J-Dawg)3:29
13.Slim Speaks0:26
14.Flex (feat. Party Boyz, Z-Ro, Fat Pimp, Ca$h, Dom Kennedy, Treal Lee & Prince Rick) (all star rmx)5:51
15.Houston (feat. Cityy)4:24
16.None Of Ya Biznezz (feat. Lil O)3:27
17.Ike Turner Pimpin (feat. Juicy J & Project Pat)3:32
18.Keep Rollin` (feat. Devin)2:48
19.Say Something Flow2:12
20.Strong Enough Flow2:14
21.Fresh Dressed Fridays1:46
22.Starched Down3:59
24.Hard Work Remix (feat. Dom Kennedy & Rich Boy)3:26
25.I Wanna Rock Flow1:06
26.I Look Good Remix (feat. Chalie Boy & Bun B)2:53

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