Westlife mp3 Album by Westlife
  • 17 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:05:49


1.Swear It Again4:08
2.If I Let You Go3:42
3.Flying Without Wings3:37
4.Fool Again3:55
5.No No3:14
6.I Don't Wanna Fight5:04
7.Change The World3:11
9.Seasons In The Sun4:10
10.I Need You3:48
11.Miss You3:53
12.More Than Words3:55
13.Open Your Heart3:40
14.Try Again3:35
15.What I Want Is What I'Ve Got3:34
16.We Are One3:44
17.Can't Lose What You Never Had4:20
A fantastic first album. Full of successful singles and catchy poppy tunes. The album tracks are surprisingly good. Stand-out tracks include: You can't lose what you never had, What I want is what I've got and Open Your Heart.
An album I have listened to for years and I still love it!