Winter Dreams: MMXX: Lo-Hop Anthology mp3 Album by Pueblo Vista

Winter Dreams: MMXX: Lo-Hop Anthologyby Pueblo Vista

  • 25 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 50:10


1.I found myself in the cold1:57
2.Textures. (and Lamar Azul)2:22
3.Cozy room (and Mr Tav)1:03
4.Flakes (and Beatmund Noise)2:20
5.Falling asleep (and Shikken)1:07
6.First winter (with DYVN & Jyn)1:36
7.Momentum (and Julian)2:39
8.Talvi (and Matchbox Youth)2:13
9.Pure as snow (and Electricsheep42)1:06
10.Still too early to study (and Louisferb)1:49
11.Be here now (and ChainWax)2:06
12.Driftwood (and Dokkodo Sounds)2:35
13.Typhoon (and Beto)2:42
14.Sipping the night (with Vannorte & Pete Mac)1:45
15.Vague smile (and Jinkichi)2:49
16.Attakai ( 暖かい ) (and Dpsht)2:22
17.Warm thoughts (and RdBeats)2:44
18.By the fire (and coldbrew)1:36
19.Disappeared memories (and firastical)1:39
20.Cold days (and Mr Tav)1:18
21.To be someone (and kidstrange)2:03
22.Small steps (and Nrg)1:57
23.I forgot my name (with no mic & other.minds)2:26
24.Count down to happiness (and Lo-Fi Tigers)1:36
25.Chasing clouds (and Blinky the Sonic)2:20