Woman Trance Voices, Volume 11 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Woman Trance Voices, Volume 11by Various Artists

  • 30 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:24:39


Disk #1

1.When You're Home (Original Mix) (feat. Danny Claire)by Kheiro & Medi7:09
2.Games (Standerwick Remix) (and Jennifer Rene)by John O'Callaghan6:36
3.How Can I (Outburst Vocal Mix) (and Clare Stagg)by Mark Sherry8:23
4.In This Together (Jordan Suckley Remix) (and Alana Aldea)by Giuseppe Ottaviani7:10
5.RAMore (Original Mix) (and Stine Grove)by RAM8:01
6.Say My Name (Original Mix) (and Audrey Gallagher)by Flynn & Denton7:53
7.The Most Important Thing (Original Mix) (feat. Sarah Shields & Ludovic H)by Ferry Tayle7:44
8.Your Heaven (Original Mix) (feat. Aneym)by Menno de Jong6:47
9.High Glow (Ciaran McAuley Remix)by JES7:39
10.Top Of The World (Original Mix) (feat. Fenja) (and Lange)by Andy Moor7:54

Disk #2

1.Runaway (Tenishia Remix) (vs. Cold Blue & Dennis Sheperd)by JES6:24
2.In Your Hands (Original Mix) (and Fisher)by Richard Durand6:24
3.Without You (Mohamed Ragab Remix) (feat. Jennifer Rene & Sied van Riel)by Roger Shah8:29
4.Loved (Sied van Riel Remix) (with Dragon & Jontron)by Julie Thompson6:36
5.Moringa (Original Mix) (feat. Szen)by Steve Brian5:21
6.Glitter And Gold (Denis Sender Remix) (presents Sunlounger & JES)by Roger Shah7:33
7.Gravity (Extended Mix) (feat. Kelly Sweet & Punk Party)by Kevin Wild5:30
8.Gravity (Original Mix) (feat. Alicia Madison)by Sied van Riel7:11
9.Feels Right (Original Mix) (feat. Sarah_Russell)by Estiva5:34
10.Too Late (Denis Sender Remix) (feat. Ai Takekawa)by Puma Scorz6:11

Disk #3

1.Feeling Like Yeah (Original Mix) (feat. Christina Novelli)by LTN6:57
2.The Shade (Progressive Mix) (feat. Theresia Svensson & Johnny Norberg)by Mike Shiver6:28
3.Not Okay (Original Mix)by Dinka & Tania Zygar5:47
4.Like We Love (Original Mix) (feat. Fenja and Ost & Meyer)by Matt Cerf6:16
5.Wasting Candles (Original Mix) (and Cristina Soto)by Johan Vilborg5:07
6.Not Afraid (Original Mix) (and Andy Moor)by Betsie Larkin7:13
7.Battlecry (Original Mix) (and Jaren)by Andy Duguid5:43
8.Because You're Here (Original Mix) (and Jennifer Rene)by Somna6:52
9.Lumina (Original Mix) (feat. Alexandra Badoi)by Rocking J6:56
10.Bring You Home (Original Mix) (feat. Chloe Langley)by Dennis Sheperd6:51