Woman Trance Voices, Volume 12 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Woman Trance Voices, Volume 12by Various Artists

  • 41 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 4:37:53


Disk #1

1.Two Souls (James Rigby remix)by JES7:35
2.Tombs We Build (feat. Kim Kiona)by Driftmoon7:05
3.Stay With Me (Allen & Envy remix) (pres. Khrys Kloudz feat. Irina Makosh)by Fabio XB6:47
4.Unseparated (with Linnea Schössow)by Allen & Envy5:41
5.Risk Worth Taking (Adam Ellis remix) (feat. Susana)by Lange8:24
6.Stay With Me (and Deirdre McLaughlin)by John O'Callaghan7:55
7.End of Times (and James Dymond feat. Kim Kiona)by RAM7:51
8.Access All Areas (feat. Jan Johnston)by Dark Fusion7:18
9.Catching Fire (feat. Christina Maria)by Yodis5:58
10.Frozen Souls (Project 8 mix) (feat. Roxy Charming)by MatricK7:39

Disk #2

1.Your Heaven (Johan Ekman Remix) (feat. Aneym)by Menno de Jong8:07
2.Lean On Me (feat. Jennifer Rene)by Giuseppe Ottaviani7:06
3.Only the Beginning (and Jan Johnston)by Dirkie Coetzee5:48
4.One More Night (and Vlad Varel feat. Eva Kade)by Aimoon6:00
5.Hands (and Jennifer Rene)by Somna6:47
6.How Can I (Solis & Sean Truby Remix) (and Clare Stagg)by Mark Sherry7:02
7.Healing Rain (feat. Roxanne Emery)by Easton6:50
8.Winter Kills Me (Solis & Sean Truby Remix)by Markus Schulz7:36
9.4Ever (Original Vocal Mix)by Alex M.O.R.P.H.6:21
10.Cruel (Monoverse Remix)by Exostate7:36

Disk #3

1.Step Into the Light (Dan Thompson remix) (and Liuck feat. Christina Novelli)by Fabio XB7:35
2.Statues (Bryan Kearney remix) (feat. Bethany Marie)by Bryn Liedl6:44
3.Flying (Solarstone Pure mix)by Silvermine8:51
4.You Are the Sun (Temple One remix) (feat. Fiona Reid)by Breame6:40
5.Let in the Light (and Audrey Gallagher)by Mark Eteson6:41
6.Colour (feat. Molly Bancroft)by Mike Saint-Jules7:34
7.Superstars (Craig Connelly remix) (feat. Shannon Hurley)by Lange6:38
8.Destiny (Kyau & Albert remix) (feat. Delacey)by Markus Schulz6:10
9.Heart Go (Thomas Mengel remix) (and Thomas Menge feat. Sue McLaren)by Ben Nickyl7:03
10.The Deeper We Go (feat. Emily Harder)by Alex Klingle5:29
11.Music Gets Us Through (Niels von Ahorn remix) (and Paul Rockseek feat. Alex Humphreys)by SHato7:02

Disk #4

1.Peace of Mind (Arty remix) (feat. Zoë Johnston)by Above & Beyond5:02
2.We Are Starsby Julie Thompson5:16
3.One Thing About You (original mix) (and Somna feat. Amy Kirkpatrick)by Andy Moor5:53
4.Wait for You (original mix) (feat. Alana Aldea)by Jaco6:59
5.Let Go (Juventa remix) (feat. Julie Thompson)by Super8 & Tab5:17
6.We're All We Need (extended mix) (feat. Zoë Johnston)by Above & Beyond7:26
7.Human Beings (and HALIENE)by Michael Badal5:48
8.Sweet Disaster (original mix) (and Jeza)by Johan Vilborg5:38
9.Closer (and Ellie Lawson)by Michael Badal5:33
10.Let Me Go (original mix) (feat. Arielle Maren)by LTN7:08

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