Wrath mp3 Album by Lamb Of God
  • 13 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 55:23


1.The Passing1:58
2.In Your Words5:25
3.Set To Fail3:46
5.Fake Messiah4:33
7.Broken Hands3:53
8.Dead Seeds3:41
9.Everything To Nothing3:50
10.Choke Sermon3:21
12.We Die Alone4:38
13.Shoulder Of Your God5:56
Wrath, to get to the point, is the most awe-inspiring album Lamb of God has produced to this date. With awesome songs such as "Grace," "Choke Sermon," and "Shoulder of Your God," you will be playing these songs far more times than any of your other songs in your libraries. Grab this album before it disappears!
After sacrament comes Wrath, Loved this album. absolutely challenges religion at its core. This band really doesn’t care what anyone thinks about their beliefs. All songs here are excellent and "grace stands out as it starts very soft then kicks nutz after the subtle intro. Buy this one!!