You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore, Volume 5 mp3 Live by Frank Zappa

You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore, Volume 5by Frank Zappa

  • 38 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:20:48


Disk #1

1.The Downtown Talent Scout4:02
2.Charles IVes4:37
3.Here Lies Love2:44
4.Piano/Drum Duet1:57
5.Mozart Ballet4:09
6.Chocolate Halvah3:22
7.JCB & Kansas on the Bus #11:01
8.Run Home Slow: Main Title Theme1:19
9.The Little March1:20
10.Right There5:10
11.Where Is Johnny Velvet?0:50
12.Return of the Hunch-back Duke1:45
13.Trouble Every Day4:06
15.JCB & Kansas on the Bus #21:07
16.My Head?1:23
18.Baked Bean Boogie3:27
19.Where's Our Equipment?2:29
20.FZ/JCB Drum Duet4:27
21.No Waiting for the Peanuts to Dissolve4:45
22.A Game of Cards0:44
23.Underground Freak-out Music3:51
24.German Lunch6:42
25.My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Mama2:14

Disk #2

1.Easy Meat7:39
2.Dead Girls of London2:29
3.Shall We Take Ourselves Seriously?1:44
4.What's New in Baltimore?5:03
6.Dancin' Fool3:12
8.Advance Romance7:01
9.City of Tiny Lites10:38
10.A Pound for a Brown (On the Bus)8:38
12.The Black Page #29:56
13.Geneva Farewell1:26