Zombie Hymns mp3 Artist Compilation by Deceased

Zombie Hymnsby Deceased

  • 20 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:10:08


1.Black Metal (Venom Cover)3:19
2.Violence And Force (Exciter Cover)3:31
3.Witching Metal (Sodom Cover)2:59
4.Two Minutes To Midnight (Iron Maiden Cover)5:45
5.S.A.T.O. (Ozzy Osbourne Cover)4:18
6.Blower (Voivod Cover)2:40
7.Doomed By The Living Dead (Mercyful Fate Cover)4:52
8.Dis-Organ-Ized (Impetigo Cover)1:32
9.Die By The Sword (Slayer Cover)2:53
10.Not To Touch The Earth (The Doors Cover)3:49
11.Metal Church (Metal Church Cover)4:18
12.Wrathchild (Iron Maiden Cover)2:41
13.Bombs Of Death (Hirax Cover)3:00
14.Fire In The Sky (Saxon Cover)3:27
15.Nuns Have No Fun (Mercyful Fate Cover)4:03
16.Headhunter (Live -Krokus Cover)3:25
17.Stay Clean (Motorhead Cover)2:40
18.Die Hard (Venom Cover)2:48
19.Tormentor (Kreator Cover)2:46
20.Chemical Warfare (Slayer Cover)5:22