20 Years: Remastered Classics mp3 Artist Compilation by Airwave

20 Years: Remastered Classicsby Airwave

  • 22 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:14:32


1.I Want To Believe (Remastered Remix)6:57
2.Above The Sky (Remastered Original Mix)9:05
3.Alone In The Dark (Remastered Original Mix)10:02
4.Lightspeed (Remastered Original Mix)9:39
5.Another Dimension (Remastered Original Mix)6:57
6.Tigris And Euphrates (Remastered Original Mix)10:32
7.Sunspot (Remastered Original Mix) (and Rising Star)7:42
8.People Just Don't Care (Remastered Original Mix)9:02
9.Save Me (Remastered Original Mix)9:40
10.Sky Blues (Remastered Icarus Mix)6:49
11.Innerspace (Remastered Original Mix)11:59
12.Cathedrals Of Hope (Remastered Original Mix)7:07
13.Ladyblue (Remastered Original Dream)10:06
14.Venus Of My Dreams (Remastered Original Mix)10:00
15.Sadness In Black And White - Part 1 (Remastered Original Mix)9:33
16.When Things Go Wrong (Remastered Original Mix)6:59
17.Chiricahua (Remastered Original Mix)10:16
18.Save Me (Magdelayna's Analogue Dreams Mix)5:58
19.Ladyblue (Remastered Original Beat)10:07
20.Sadness In Black And White - Part 2 (Remastered Original Mix)7:37
21.Atlas Winds (Remastered Album Version)11:00
22.Ping Pong (Remastered Original Mix)7:25