5150 mp3 Album by Van Halen
  • 9 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 43:15


1.Good Enough4:04
2.Why Can't This Be Love3:48
3.Get Up4:37
5.Summer Nights5:06
6.Best Of Both Worlds4:49
7.Love Walks In5:11
Eric Ketchum
In my opinion this is the first of the three truly great Van Halen albums. The musicality, utter dominance, and genius finally blossoms with the release of 5150. Pop rock is never the same again after being blasted, serenaded, kicked and screamed by the masters of metal mayhem. Good Enough will leave you panting. Why Can't This Be Love will get you wondering. Get Up will get you runnin'. Dreams will leave you crying. Summer Nights will get you sweating. You'll want it all after Best Of Both Worlds. Love Walks In is (no I'm not kidding, just listen) about aliens and first contact. The title song 5150, named after police jargon for a crazy person on the loose, actually describes the intricacies of love and relationships. Inside describes some insight into what makes up the band. This is the most radio friendly of all of the best Van Halen albums, but it will leave you rocked. Eddie Van Halen's previous guitar work was just a warmup for this album. Sammy Hagar brings vocal depth to a level they never had before. Alex Van Halen drums 'till his arms fall off. Michael Anthony sharpens his axe with outstanding support vocals. On top of all that, you'll listen to this album again and again to get something new from complexities only these masters can deliver.