A State Of Trance 2012 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

A State Of Trance 2012by Various Artists

  • 34 Tracks
  • 256 kbps
  • 4:30:44


Disk #1

1.The Fusion (Armin van Buuren's intro edit)by Omnia & Ira3:45
2.Granadella (radio edit)by Villanaranjos4:00
3.Try to Be Love (Roger Shah Naughty Love mix radio edit)by Sunlounger & Zara Taylor3:54
4.Piercing the Fog (radio edit)by The Blizzard3:38
5.Keep This Memory (radio edit)by Audien4:09
6.When the Sun (Eximinds remix edit)by Alexander Popov3:23
7.Ushuaia Memories (radio edit)by Nash & Pepper3:14
8.Universal Language (original mix edit)by Mike Foyle & Refeel3:10
9.Always Loved, Never Forgotten - The Day Will Come (original mix edit)by Tenishia3:38
10.In Your Arms (original mix edit)by Andy Moor Feat. Jessica Sweetman3:50
11.Hyperfocus (Wezz Devall remix edit)by Mark Otten3:00
12.Suddenly Summer (original mix edit)by Armin Van Buuren Feat. Ana Criado4:10
13.Waking Up the Stars (original mix edit)by Alex M.O.R.P.H. & Protoculture3:45
14.Down to Nothing (A State of Trance edit)by Susana & Max Graham3:33
15.We Are What We Are (original mix edit)by Lemon & Einar K3:01
16.A State of Trance 2012 (On the Beach: Full Continuous DJ mix)by Armin Van Buuren1:13:47

Disk #2

1.Mumbai Traffic (club mix - Armin van Buuren's intro edit)by Ashley Wallbridge3:44
2.Invasion - Asot 550 Anthem (radio edit)by W&W2:48
3.Attractive Force (radio edit)by Alexander Popov3:56
4.Amsterdam (original mix edit)by Ørjan Nilsen4:22
5.Overthrow (Protoculture remix edit)by James Dymond3:16
6.Kinetic (radio edit)by Abstract Vision & Elite Electronic3:36
7.J'Ai Envie de Toi (radio edit)by Armin Van Buuren & Gaia2:47
8.Blossom (radio edit)by Abstract Vision & Elite Electronic3:57
9.Nova Zembla (Armin van Buuren radio edit)by Wiegel Meirmans Snitker3:05
10.550 Senta (Aether radio mix)by Andrew Rayel3:57
11.Icarus (radio edit)by Ralphie B3:43
12.Megalodon (original mix edit)by Marlo3:37
13.Belter (original mix edit)by Armin Van Buuren & Ørjan Nilsen4:20
14.Concrete Angel (John O'Callaghan remix edit)by Gareth Emery Feat. Christina Novelli4:51
15.Dae Yorby Paul Van Dyk Feat. Ummet Ozcan3:33
16.Las Lilas (original mix edit)by John O’Callaghan & Heatbeat4:54
17.Coming Home (original mix edit)by Aly & Fila & Jwaydan4:45
18.A State of Trance 2012 (In the Club: Full Continuous DJ mix)by Armin Van Buuren1:17:36