A Tree Full Of Secrets mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

A Tree Full Of Secretsby Various Artists

  • 338 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 18:40:21


Disk #1

1.Lucy Leaveby Pink Floyd2:51
2.I'm a King Beeby Pink Floyd3:04
3.Let's Roll Another Oneby Pink Floyd3:10
4.Arnold Layne (acetate)by Pink Floyd2:35
5.Arnold Layne (single version) (mono)by Pink Floyd2:53
6.Arnold Layne (fake stereo)by Pink Floyd2:52
7.Candy and a Currant Bun (acetate)by Pink Floyd2:00
8.Candy and a Currant Bun (single version) (mono)by Pink Floyd2:44
9.Interstellar Overdrive (demo)by Pink Floyd6:57
10.Interstellar Overdrive (Sound Techniques outtake)by Pink Floyd10:43
11.Interstellar Overdrive (Abbey Road outtake)by Pink Floyd0:40
12.Interstellar Overdrive (single version) (mono)by Pink Floyd5:13
13.Scarecrow (Abbey Road outtake)by Pink Floyd1:05
14.Scarecrow (single version) (mono)by Pink Floyd2:07
15.Astronomy Domine (Abbey Road outtake)by Pink Floyd3:27
16.See Emily Play (acetate)by Pink Floyd2:50
17.See Emily Play (single version) (mono)by Pink Floyd2:53
18.See Emily Play (fake stereo)by Pink Floyd2:50
19.Flaming (mono)by Pink Floyd2:44
20.Sunshineby Pink Floyd1:30
21.Silas Langby Pink Floyd2:39
22.Scream Thy Last Scream (mono)by Pink Floyd4:28

Disk #2

1.Scream Thy Last Scream (stereo)by Pink Floyd4:31
2.Vegetable Man (mono)by Pink Floyd2:24
3.Vegetable Man (alternate mono)by Pink Floyd2:29
4.Vegetable Man (stereo)by Pink Floyd2:24
5.Remember a Day (mono short version)by Pink Floyd2:40
6.Apples and Oranges (mono)by Pink Floyd3:03
7.Apples and Oranges (stereo)by Pink Floyd3:00
8.Paint Box (mono)by Pink Floyd3:44
9.Paint Box (stereo)by Pink Floyd3:31
10.Let There Be More Light (mono edit)by Pink Floyd2:59
11.Corporal Clegg (video version)by Pink Floyd2:51
12.It Would Be So Nice (mono)by Pink Floyd3:43
13.It Would Be So Nice (promo edit)by Pink Floyd3:13
14.It Would Be So Nice (fake stereo)by Pink Floyd3:39
15.Julia Dream (demo)by Pink Floyd3:14
16.Julia Dream (mono)by Pink Floyd2:32
17.Julia Dream (stereo)by Pink Floyd2:36
18.Point Me at the Sky (mono)by Pink Floyd3:35
19.Point Me at the Sky (fake stereo)by Pink Floyd3:32
20.Careful With That Axe, Eugene (mono)by Pink Floyd5:43
21.Careful With That Axe, Eugene (stereo)by Pink Floyd5:43

Disk #3

1.Astronomy Domine (short version) (live)by Pink Floyd4:01
2.Embryoby Pink Floyd4:38
3.Biding My Timeby Pink Floyd5:15
4."This Is Pretty Avant-Garde Isn't It"by Pink Floyd0:10
5."And the Wind Cried..."by Pink Floyd0:06
6.Moonheadby Pink Floyd5:48
7."Here's a Loud Announcement"by Pink Floyd0:06
8."Silence in the Studio"by Pink Floyd0:07
9.Green Is the Colour (live)by Pink Floyd3:53
10.Careful With That Axe, Eugene (short version) (live)by Pink Floyd3:42
11.Embryo (short version) (live)by Pink Floyd2:09
12.Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun (short version) (live)by Pink Floyd5:20
13."Relics" Radio Advert #1by Pink Floyd0:59
14."Relics" Radio Advert #2by Pink Floyd0:59
15."Meddle" Radio Advertby Pink Floyd0:57
16.One of These Days (demo #1)by Pink Floyd4:50
17.One of These Days (demo #2)by Pink Floyd6:49
18.One of These Days (mono edit)by Pink Floyd3:29
19.Fearless (mono edit)by Pink Floyd3:14
20.Roger the Hat Interviewby Pink Floyd7:31

Disk #4

1.Breathe (mono)by Pink Floyd2:51
2.On the Run (outtake)by Pink Floyd6:11
3.Time (demo)by Pink Floyd6:05
4.Time (stereo edit)by Pink Floyd3:26
5.Time (mono edit)by Pink Floyd3:32
6.Money (demo)by Pink Floyd1:39
7.Money (stereo edit)by Pink Floyd4:00
8.Money (soft stereo edit)by Pink Floyd4:02
9.Money (soft mono edit)by Pink Floyd4:00
10.Money (alternate soft mono edit)by Pink Floyd3:11
11.Us and Them (demo)by Pink Floyd5:27
12.Us and Them (outtake)by Pink Floyd6:11
13.Us and Them (stereo edit)by Pink Floyd3:18
14.Us and Them (mono edit)by Pink Floyd3:19
15.Brain Damage / Eclipse (demo)by Pink Floyd3:25
16.Brain Damage (outtake)by Pink Floyd7:09
17.Brain Damage (outtake)by Pink Floyd1:17
18.Eclipse ("Mysterious Ending Tiny Music")by Pink Floyd0:31

Disk #5

1.Merry Xmas Songby Pink Floyd2:05
2.Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Part 1by Pink Floyd3:52
3.Shine On You Crazy Diamond (promo edit)by Pink Floyd6:09
4.Shine On You Crazy Diamond (1981 edit)by Pink Floyd10:36
5.Shine On You Crazy Diamond (UK short version)by Pink Floyd4:49
6.Shine On You Crazy Diamond (US short version)by Pink Floyd5:13
7.Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Storm mix)by Pink Floyd27:48
8.Shine On You Crazy Diamond (To the Galaxy)by Pink Floyd1:22
9.Have a Cigar (short version)by Pink Floyd4:13
10.Have a Cigar (stereo edit)by Pink Floyd3:37
11.Have a Cigar (mono edit)by Pink Floyd3:33

Disk #6

1."Animals" Radio Advertby Pink Floyd0:58
2.Pigs on the Wing, Parts 1 & 2by Pink Floyd3:22
3.Pigs (Three Different Ones) (short version)by Pink Floyd4:06
4.The Wall ("Loop Message")by Pink Floyd0:04
5.Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2 (single version)by Pink Floyd3:10
6.Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2 (1981 single version)by Pink Floyd3:48
7.Empty Spaces ("Backwards Message")by Pink Floyd0:19
8.Young Lust (single version)by Pink Floyd3:57
9.One of My Turns (single version)by Pink Floyd3:39
10.Comfortably Numb (demo)by Pink Floyd2:35
11.Comfortably Numb (edit)by Pink Floyd3:58
12.Run Like Hell (single version)by Pink Floyd3:41
13.Run Like Hell (promo mix)by Pink Floyd4:42
14.Money (1981 version)by Pink Floyd6:41
15.Money (1981 edit)by Pink Floyd5:33
16.When the Tigers Broke Free (single version)by Pink Floyd2:53
17.Bring the Boys Back Home (single version)by Pink Floyd1:41
18."The Final Cut" Radio Advertby Pink Floyd1:06
19.Not Now John (Obscured version)by Pink Floyd4:24
20.Not Now John (promo edit)by Pink Floyd3:47
21.The Hero's Return, Parts 1 & 2by Pink Floyd3:55

Disk #7

1.Learning to Fly (demo)by Pink Floyd1:23
2.Learning to Fly (edit)by Pink Floyd4:20
3.The Dogs of War (edit)by Pink Floyd5:35
4.One Slip (edit)by Pink Floyd3:59
5.On the Turning Away (edit)by Pink Floyd3:54
6.The Dogs of War (live)by Pink Floyd7:24
7.On the Turning Away (live)by Pink Floyd6:54
8.One Slip (live)by Pink Floyd5:25
9.Run Like Hell (live)by Pink Floyd7:28
10.Wearing the Inside Out (LP version)by Pink Floyd6:27
11.Take It Back (edit)by Pink Floyd4:55
12.Take It Back (extended)by Pink Floyd7:05
13.Keep Talking (radio edit)by Pink Floyd4:54

Disk #8

1.Lost for Words (clean version)by Pink Floyd4:57
2.High Hopes (radio edit)by Pink Floyd5:13
3.High Hopes ("Phone Call")by Pink Floyd0:12
4.David Gilmour Interviewby Pink Floyd13:37
5.Soundscapeby Pink Floyd22:07
6.Astronomy Domine (live)by Pink Floyd4:46
7.One of These Days (live)by Pink Floyd6:55
8.Wish You Were Here (live)by Pink Floyd3:52
9.Coming Back to Life (live edit)by Pink Floyd4:00
10.One of These Days (live)by Pink Floyd6:45

Disk #9

1.San Francisco: Interstellar Overdriveby Pink Floyd15:45
2.Tonite Let's All Make Love in London: Interstellar Overdriveby Pink Floyd16:40
3.Tonite Let's All Make Love in London: Nick's Boogieby Pink Floyd11:44
4.The Committee, Part 1 (backwards version)by Pink Floyd0:36
5.The Committee, Part 1by Pink Floyd0:36
6.The Committee, Part 2by Pink Floyd1:09
7.The Committee, Part 3by Pink Floyd2:56
8.The Committee, Part 4by Pink Floyd1:24
9.The Committee, Part 5by Pink Floyd2:06
10.The Committee, Part 6by Pink Floyd0:50
11.The Committee, Part 7by Pink Floyd2:38
12.The Committee, Part 8by Pink Floyd3:30
13.More: Main Theme (film version)by Pink Floyd3:39
14.More: Seabirdsby Pink Floyd3:51
15.More: Cymbaline (film version)by Pink Floyd5:18
16.More: Hollywoodby Pink Floyd0:38

Disk #10

1.More: Outtakesby Pink Floyd5:43
2.Zabriskie Point: Heart Beat, Pig Meatby Pink Floyd3:10
3.Zabriskie Point: Heart Beat, Pig Meat (film version)by Pink Floyd2:55
4.Zabriskie Point: Crumbling Landby Pink Floyd4:13
5.Zabriskie Point: Crumbling Land (extended)by Pink Floyd5:44
6.Zabriskie Point: Crumbling Land (film version)by Pink Floyd0:36
7.Zabriskie Point: Come in Number 51, Your Time Is Upby Pink Floyd4:59
8.Zabriskie Point: Come in Number 51, Your Time Is Up (film version)by Pink Floyd5:10
9.Zabriskie Point: Love Scene (version 4)by Pink Floyd6:44
10.Zabriskie Point: Love Scene (version 6)by Pink Floyd7:25
11.Zabriskie Point: Unknown Songby Pink Floyd6:01
12.Zabriskie Point: Rain in the Countryby Pink Floyd6:45
13.Zabriskie Point: Country Songby Pink Floyd4:37
14.Zabriskie Point: Oneoneby Pink Floyd6:22
15.Zabriskie Point: Fingal's Caveby Pink Floyd1:49

Disk #11

1.The Body: Our Songby Pink Floyd1:33
2.The Body: Sea Shell and Stoneby Pink Floyd2:13
3.The Body: Sea Shell and Soft Stoneby Pink Floyd1:53
4.The Body: Breatheby Pink Floyd2:55
5.The Body: Sea Shell and Stone (film version)by Pink Floyd2:40
6.The Body: Sea Shell and Soft Stone (film version)by Pink Floyd0:59
7.The Body: Breathe (film version)by Pink Floyd3:06
8.The Body: Chain of Lifeby Pink Floyd4:00
9.The Body: The Womb Bitby Pink Floyd2:15
10.The Body: Body Transportby Pink Floyd3:14
11.The Body: Give Birth to a Smileby Pink Floyd2:42
12.The Body: Give Birth to a Smile (film version)by Pink Floyd2:23
13."Live at Pompeii" Radio Advert #1by Pink Floyd0:19
14."Live at Pompeii" Radio Advert #2by Pink Floyd1:00
15."Live at Pompeii" Radio Advert #3by Pink Floyd0:57
16."Live at Pompeii" Radio Advert #4by Pink Floyd0:57
17."Live at Pompeii" Radio Advert #5by Pink Floyd0:33
18."Live at Pompeii" Radio Advert #6by Pink Floyd0:59
19."Live at Pompeii" Radio Advert #7by Pink Floyd0:29
20."Live at Pompeii" Goofy Ad #1by Pink Floyd1:01
21."Live at Pompeii" Goofy Ad #2by Pink Floyd1:01
22."Live at Pompeii" Goofy Ad #3by Pink Floyd1:07
23."Live at Pompeii" Goofy Ad #4by Pink Floyd1:00
24.La Vallée: Obscured by Cloudsby Pink Floyd1:01
25.La Vallée: Free Four (short version)by Pink Floyd3:30
26.La Vallée: Free Four (film version)by Pink Floyd2:09
27.La Vallée: Instrumentalby Pink Floyd1:38
28.Magritte, Part 1by Pink Floyd1:23
29.Magritte, Part 2by Pink Floyd1:23
30.Magritte, Part 3by Pink Floyd1:04
31.Magritte, Part 4by Pink Floyd2:44
32.Magritte, Part 5by Pink Floyd0:56
33.Magritte, Part 6by Pink Floyd0:31
34.Magritte, Part 7by Pink Floyd3:01
35.Magritte, Part 8by Pink Floyd1:44
36.The Hitby Pink Floyd3:39

Disk #12

1.When the Wind Blows: The Russian Missileby Pink Floyd0:10
2.When the Wind Blows: Towers of Faithby Pink Floyd7:00
3.When the Wind Blows: Hilda's Dreamby Pink Floyd1:36
4.When the Wind Blows: The American Bomberby Pink Floyd0:08
5.When the Wind Blows: The Anderson Shelterby Pink Floyd1:13
6.When the Wind Blows: The British Submarineby Pink Floyd0:14
7.When the Wind Blows: The Attackby Pink Floyd2:53
8.When the Wind Blows: The Falloutby Pink Floyd2:04
9.When the Wind Blows: Hilda's Lairby Pink Floyd4:20
10.When the Wind Blows: Folded Flagsby Pink Floyd4:49
11.White of the Eye, Part 1by Pink Floyd2:07
12.White of the Eye, Part 2by Pink Floyd1:43
13.White of the Eye, Part 3by Pink Floyd1:19
14.White of the Eye, Part 4by Pink Floyd1:02
15.White of the Eye, Part 5by Pink Floyd2:38
16.White of the Eye, Part 6by Pink Floyd2:25
17.White of the Eye, Part 7by Pink Floyd3:14
18.White of the Eye, Part 8by Pink Floyd1:31
19.White of the Eye, Part 9by Pink Floyd1:15
20.White of the Eye, Part 10by Pink Floyd0:38
21.White of the Eye, Part 11by Pink Floyd0:51
22.White of the Eye, Part 12by Pink Floyd1:24
23.White of the Eye, Part 13by Pink Floyd2:04
24.White of the Eye, Part 14by Pink Floyd2:08
25.White of the Eye, Part 15by Pink Floyd2:03
26.White of the Eye, Part 16by Pink Floyd0:40
27.White of the Eye, Part 17by Pink Floyd0:43
28.White of the Eye, Part 18by Pink Floyd0:09
29.White of the Eye, Part 19by Pink Floyd0:17
30.White of the Eye, Part 20by Pink Floyd0:31
31.White of the Eye, Part 21by Pink Floyd0:32
32.White of the Eye, Part 22by Pink Floyd1:44
33.White of the Eye, Part 23by Pink Floyd1:58
34.White of the Eye, Part 24by Pink Floyd1:09
35.White of the Eye, Part 25by Pink Floyd0:40
36.White of the Eye, Part 26by Pink Floyd1:26
37.White of the Eye, Part 27by Pink Floyd0:27
38.White of the Eye, Part 28by Pink Floyd1:31
39.White of the Eye, Part 29by Pink Floyd2:31
40.White of the Eye, Part 30by Pink Floyd1:12
41.White of the Eye, Part 31by Pink Floyd1:10
42.White of the Eye, Part 32by Pink Floyd0:39
43.White of the Eye, Part 33by Pink Floyd1:27
44.White of the Eye, Part 34by Pink Floyd3:33

Disk #13

1.La Carrera Panamericana: Run Like Hellby Pink Floyd0:49
2.La Carrera Panamericana: Country Themeby Pink Floyd2:01
3.La Carrera Panamericana: Small Themeby Pink Floyd7:23
4.La Carrera Panamericana: Big Themeby Pink Floyd4:10
5.La Carrera Panamericana: Carrera Slow Bluesby Pink Floyd2:20
6.La Carrera Panamericana: Mexico '78by Pink Floyd4:05
7.La Carrera Panamericana: Pan Am Shuffle (full length version)by Pink Floyd8:09
8.Ruby Takes a Trip, Part 1by Pink Floyd1:26
9.Ruby Takes a Trip, Part 2by Pink Floyd0:24
10.Ruby Takes a Trip, Part 3by Pink Floyd0:54
11.Ruby Takes a Trip, Part 4by Pink Floyd1:01
12.Ruby Takes a Trip, Part 5by Pink Floyd0:18
13.Ruby Takes a Trip, Part 6by Pink Floyd1:06
14.Ruby Takes a Trip, Part 7by Pink Floyd0:35