Action Time Vision: A Story of Independent UK Punk 1976-1979 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Action Time Vision: A Story of Independent UK Punk 1976-1979by Various Artists

  • 111 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 5:13:36


Disk #1

1.New Roseby The Damned2:45
2.Outside Viewby Eater2:05
3.Television Screenby The Radiators Fom Space1:52
4.Fascist Dictatorby The Cortinas2:37
5.Lookalikesby The Drones2:37
6.Shadowby The Lurkers2:29
7.I Can't Stand My Babyby The Rezillos2:38
8.I'm Aliveby 9992:33
9.No Oneby Johnny Moped2:47
10.I Don't Wannaby Sham 691:43
11.Mucky Pupby Puncture2:05
12.Terminal Stupidby The Snivelling Shits2:57
13.Worthless Trashby The Vacants2:21
14.Hungryby The Zeros2:19
15.Chelsea 77by Maniacs2:36
16.One to Infinityby The Outsiders2:06
17.Johnny Won't Get to Heavenby The Killjoys2:41
18.Saints and Sinnersby Johnny & The Self Abusers1:52
19.Withdrawalby The Unwanted2:00
20.Teenage Treatsby The Wasps3:05
21.Youthanasiaby The Pigs2:47
22.Radio Call Signby Lockjaw1:35
23.Venus Eccentricby Neon Hearts2:40
24.Get Your Woofing Dog Off Meby Jerks1:51
25.Modern Politicsby The Panik2:59
26.New Religionby Some Chicken2:16
27.Radio Wunderbarby The Carpettes2:54
28.Love and a Molotov Cocktailby The Flys2:33
29.Gobbing on Lifeby Alberto y Lost Trios Paranoias3:58
30.Lovers of Todayby The Only Ones3:11
31.Nothing to Declare (live at the Vortex)by The Suspects2:20

Disk #2

1.Read About Seymourby Swell Maps1:30
2.Safety-Pin Stuck in My Heartby Patrik Fitzgerald2:41
3.Leaders (demo)by The Boys2:33
4.Office Girlby The Stoat3:12
5.I Don't Need Youby Acme Sewage Co.3:18
6.Speed Freakby V22:00
7.Give It All to Meby Bazoomis3:56
8.Moving Targetby Raped3:50
9.I Hate the Whole Human Raceby Big G3:14
10.Gimme Your Heartby Subs3:03
11.That's Too Badby Tubeway Army3:20
12.Blank Generationby Xtraverts3:07
13.Door in My Faceby Fruit Eating Bears2:54
14.Systemby Front3:30
15.You Make Me Sickby Satan's Rats2:10
16.Suspect Deviceby Stiff Little Fingers2:35 Menace2:26
18.Gutter Kidsby The Dyaks3:14
19.Reasonsby Skids2:09
20.Big Timeby Rudi2:44
21.I Am a Dalekby The Artattacks2:49
22.On Meby Bears3:13
23.Pseudo Punkby O Level1:48
24.Solitary Confinementby The Members3:55
25.King of the Bopby Nipple Erectors2:04
26.The Murder of Middle Towersby Angelic Upstarts4:38
27.Bunch of Stiffs (live at the Vortex)by Mean Street2:54

Disk #3

1.Action Time Visionby Alternative TV2:30
2.I Don't Want My Heart to Rule My Headby Social Security3:01
3.Bad Heartsby The Tights3:36
4.Cosmonautby Riff Raff1:29
5.New Wave Loveby The Dole3:15
6.Failuresby Joy Division3:46
7.19 and Madby Leyton Buzzards2:54
8.Little Miss Perfectby Demon Preacher3:29
9.Just Another Teenage Rebelby The Outcasts3:15
10.Psycho Mafiaby The Fall2:14
11.Urban Kidsby Chelsea2:55
12.Don't Ring Me Upby Protex2:38
13.Gordonby The Cravats4:03
14.England '77by Horrorcomic2:32 UK Subs1:56
16.6,000 Crazyby Spizz Oil2:15
17.I Don't Care (Full version)by The Dodgems4:52
18.Kicks in Styleby The Users2:02
19.Elvis Is Deadby Peter and the Test Tube Babies2:12
20.In a Rutby The Ruts3:41
21.Drums Over Londonby The Disco Zombies4:11
22.Never Been So Stuckby Nicky & The Dots2:31
23.Wot's for Lunch Mum? (Not B****s Again!)by The Shapes1:33
24.Breaking Pointby No Way3:10
25.New Wayby The Wall3:57
26.Sick on Youby Hollywood Brats5:11

Disk #4

1.Zeroxby Adam & The Ants3:49
2.Death to Discoby Notsensibles3:18
3.Danger Loveby Vice Creems3:08 Murder the Disturbed3:30
5.Flares 'n' Slippersby Cockney Rejects1:37
6.Totally Uselessby Psykik Volts4:37
7.The End of Civilisationby The Molesters3:19
8.Hypocriteby The Newtown Neurotics3:16
9.These Boots Are Made for Walkingby Pure Hell2:48
10.Timewallby Fire Exit2:17
11.King of Kingsby The Pack3:14
12.Dumb Dumbby Steroid Kiddies2:19
13.Time Tunnelby English Subtitles2:40
14.Soft Groundby Proles2:15
15.Easy Way Outby The Addicts3:08
16.My Friendsby The Dark2:34
17.I Must Be Madby Woody & The Splinters1:57
18.Why Are Fire Engines Redby Victim2:46
19.Anthemby The X-Certs2:38
20.Slagby F-X3:03
21.Future Rightsby The Rivals2:55
22.I've Been Hurt (So Many Times Before)by Silent Noise2:51
23.Nothingby Vice Squad1:57
24.Things in Generalby The Prefects3:11
25.1970's Have Been Made in Hong Kongby The Licks3:17
26.Violence Growsby Fatal Microbes3:14
27.Under the Doctorby Poison Girls2:51