Aja mp3 Album by Steely Dan
  • 7 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 39:54


1.Black Cow5:13
3.Deacon Blues7:37
5.Home At Last5:34
6.I Got The News5:07
David W. Daniels
The best album ever made, period! The platinum standard IMHO. Perfect blend of jazz, rock, and light funk. Probably the best songs ever made by anybody are "Black Cow" and "Peg", with the title track "Aja" a very close second. The only song that's less than perfect on here is "Home At Last", mainly because it seems a lot less focused and musically challengint than the other music here. "I Got The News" and "Josie" are jaunty, funky, very danceable numbers with both a rock and jazz sensibility that only Steely Dan is able to provide. "Deacon Blues", while not a personal favorite, is a lyrical journey through the underside of the hedonistic urban life that perfectly captures the loneliness and inner isolation of the self-centered life.