All Of You: The Last Tour 1960 mp3 Artist Compilation by The Miles Davis Quintet Feat. John Coltrane

All Of You: The Last Tour 1960by The Miles Davis Quintet Feat. John Coltrane

  • 26 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 4:56:38


Disk #1

1.So What (Stockholm, March 22nd 1960 First House)10:25
2.Fran Dance (Stockholm, March 22nd 1960 First House)7:31
3.All Blues/The Theme (Stockholm, March 22nd 1960 First House)17:29
4.Interview with John Coltrane by Carl-Eric Lindgren (Stockholm, March 22nd 1960 Backstage)6:14
5.So What (Stockholm, March 22nd 1960 Second House)15:24
6.On Green Dolphin Street (Stockholm, March 22nd 1960 Second House)13:42

Disk #2

1.Walkin'/The Theme (Stockholm, March 22nd 1960 Second House)17:25
2.So What (Copenhagen, March 24th 1960)14:21
3.On Green Dolphin Street (Copenhagen, March 24th 1960)14:24
4.All Blues/The Theme (Copenhagen, March 24th 1960)15:31
5.So What (Frankfurt, March 30th 1960 First House)12:58

Disk #3

1.All of You (Frankfurt, March 30th 1960 First House)9:51
2.So What (Munich, April 3rd 1960 First House)10:37
3.'Round Midnight (Munich, April 3rd 1960 First House)5:45
4.Walkin' (Munich, April 3rd 1960 First House)11:04
5.So What (Munich, April 3rd 1960 Second House)10:12
6.If I Were a Bell (Zurich, April 8th 1960)16:44
7.Fran Dance (Zurich, April 8th 1960)7:40

Disk #4

1.So What (Zurich, April 8th 1960)15:24
2.All Blues (Zurich, April 8th 1960)17:04
3.The Theme (Zurich, April 8th 1960)0:52
4.On Green Dolphin Street (Den Haag, April 9th 1960)12:33
5.So What (Den Haag, April 9th 1960)17:40
6.'Round Midnight (Den Haag, April 9th 1960)5:49
7.Walkin' (Den Haag, April 9th 1960)9:11
8.The Theme (Den Haag, April 9th 1960)0:48