Amaryllis mp3 Album by Shinedown
  • 12 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 44:15


6.I'm Not Alright3:07
7.Nowhere Kids3:12
9.I'll Follow You3:59
10.For My Sake3:47
11.My Name (Wearing Me Out)3:36
12.Through the Ghost4:01
Shinedown has become a force to be reckoned with. They are rockers pure and simple. I love the ballad "I'll Follow You". It's a great follow up to songs such "Second Chance" and "Breaking Inside".
However, this album wasn't as good as "Sound Of Madness" Other than the one fore mentioned song, I could take it or leave it

Jeff E.
This is Shinedown's 4th studio release and after 3 strong efforts before this I thought there would be a letdown. But this CD is just as strong . Kicks off with "Adrenaline" which is appropriate cause it gives the disc a shot of adrenaline, it's a rocker. Next the guys take on the world of bullying with "Bully" about a kid being bullied for being himself. this was the CD 1st single and video. "Amaryllis" the title track slows the tempo a bit with a string arrangement, radio friendly. Another mid tempo tune "Unity" with a power chorus which is gonna be a great live song with the line (put your hands in the air and shine a light in the dark and let me see where you are). Back to rockin with "Enemies" is a song about (you guessed it) your enemies. "I'm Not Alright" a mid tempo tune with a very catchy chorus about losing your mind and sanity. Next is the rocker "Nowhere Kids" about all the outcast kids who don't hang in the social scene. The nowhere kids scream "guess who's back and mad as hell" there's hell to pay. "Miracle" is a radio friendly song that sounds like it would be the 2nd single and video off CD. Next is the great ballad "I'll Follow Down" it is about having trust and commitment in a relationship - great lyrics (you can have the money and the world the angels and the pearls even trademark the color blue) "For My Sake" is a very catchy song about a relationship gone bad and he wants out for his sake. "My Name (Wearing Me Out)" starts with lyrics (my name is worthless like you told me I once was). Lyrics filled with hatred about the Ex. it's a rocker. And the disc ends with the ballad "Through The Ghost" with a string arrangement again. these guys really hit it out of the park on ballads. This is a very strong disc from start to finish. these guys do get music and they do it well lyrically and musically.