Armada Lounge, Volume 7 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Armada Lounge, Volume 7by Various Artists

  • 40 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:34:27


Disk #1

1.Tomorrow (album mix) (pres. Winter Kills)by Josh Gabriel4:51
2.Point of No Return (chill Out mix)by Tenishia2:16
3.Waiting for the Night (Zetandel chill out mix) (feat. Fiora)by Armin van Buuren4:39
4.Synaesthesia (orchestral version)by Lowland3:32
5.Frozen Heart (acoustic version) (and Marco V)by Christian Burns4:41
6.The Last He Saidby Alexander Popov4:24
7.Jump the Next Train (slow train version) (feat. Ben Lost)by Young Parisians3:22
8.Please Believe Me (radio edit) (and Judah (Official))by Boom Jinx2:53
9.Still Loving Youby Lustral3:24
10.Hold Me Till the End (unplugged mix - lounge edit)by DT8 Project3:44
11.Redlight (feat. VanJess)by KRONO3:20
12.Ramelia (Tribute to Amelia) (lounge edit) (and Susana)by RAM2:02
13.The Moment It Breaks (feat. Tania Zygar)by tyDi3:28
14.Emotionsby Ashley Wallbridge2:04
15.Be Your Sound (live acoustic version) (and Emma Hewitt)by Cosmic Gate3:42
16.Aguas Blancas (chill mix - lounge edit)by Sunlounger5:49
17.Only Sky (Lounge edit)by Conjure One4:04
18.Lost at Sea (Rodg remix - lounge edit) (feat. Ashley Tomberlin)by Matt Darey3:29
19.Low Sun (original mix - lounge edit)by Chicane6:23
20.Lost in Space (Conjure One remix - lounge edit)by The Realm4:35

Disk #2

1.We Are Tonight (acoustic version) (and Paul van Dyk)by Christian Burns4:01
2.Ashley's Theme (chill out mix)by tyDi3:41
3.Foolish Boy (Zetandel chill out mix)by Emma Hewitt4:45
4.Falling Leavesby Lustral3:54
5.As We Speak (chill out mix)by Tenishia3:58
6.Loneliness Won't Leave Me Alone (album mix) (feat. Neev Kennedy)by Dark Matters4:11
7.Still Holding On (Aruna vs. Conjure One Chill mix - lounge edit) (feat. Aruna)by Conjure One4:42
8.Alonism (Lounge mix)by Eco3:29
9.Say What You Will (acoustic mix) (feat. Michael S.)by Blake Jarrell3:13
10.Once Again (original mix - Lounge edit)by Lustral4:05
11.Fire & Load (Stripped) (chill mix) (feat. Christina Novelli)by tyDi3:19
12.Love Shines Through (instrumental mix - lounge edit)by Lustral4:18
13.World to Turn (and Ashley Wallbridge feat. Gabriela)by Andy Moor4:29
14.The Opera Song (Brave New World) (classical instrumental mix) (feat. CMC)by Jurgen Vries3:22
15.Ascending (original mix)by Gabriel & Dresden1:37
16.Sleepless Ocean (extended mix) (feat. Dark Matters)by Susana4:16
17.Siren (Rodg Chill mix) (feat. Elkka)by Kat Krazy3:44
18.All That You Leave Behind (original mix - lounge edit)by Conjure One4:21
19.Too Far (Zetandel chill mix) (feat. Erica Driscoll)by Matt Darey4:26
20.Leaving Townby Chicane3:54