1000 Forms Of Fear mp3 Album by Sia

1000 Forms Of Fearby Sia

  • 12 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 48:40


2.Big Girls Cry3:31
3.Burn the Pages3:14
4.Eye of the Needle4:09
6.Straight for the Knife3:30
7.Fair Game3:52
8.Elastic Heart (feat. The Weeknd & Diplo)4:18
9.Free the Animal4:26
10.Fire Meet Gasoline4:02
12.Dressed In Black6:41
Sia has some talent, that's obvious. She has a very unique live performance for sure, with very elaborate sets. Her music is catchy at times, although I find myself struggling to understand what she is saying at times in some of her songs. Obviously in a song like "Chandelier", the chorus is very easy to understand, but even in that very popular song, I find myself having trouble making out what she is saying during the verses.

Good songs on the album are: "Chandelier", "Elastic Heart", "Burn the Pages" and "Eye of the Needle".

Sia has a large group of fans that are very dedicated to her, so I think regardless of whether her next release is better, worse, or on par with this album, that she will do well because of those fans. My wish for future releases from her, besides clarity on the verses, is that she would mix things up on her songs, because I find that most of her songs have the same tone, and I feel like it makes for a more complete album when you have upbeat and downbeat songs on an album.