Art Angels mp3 Album by Grimes

Art Angelsby Grimes

  • 14 Tracks
  • 256 kbps
  • 49:45


1.laughing and not being normal1:48
3.SCREAM (feat. Aristophanes)2:20
4.Flesh without Blood4:25
5.Belly of the beat3:26
6.Kill V. Maim4:06
11.World Princess, part II5:06
12.Venus Fly (feat. Janelle Monáe)3:46
13.Life in the Vivid Dream1:28
A huge step forward for Grimes. I've been a fan of hers for quite some time and, after Visions, I wasn't sure if she could do better; it was this wonderful combination of haunting, ethereal, joyful, electronic, pop and atmospheric music, but Grimes has managed to top herself with Art Angels. Although the switch to more straightforward pop was a bit jarring, she's managed to do it without compromising any of what makes her music unique; she actually is able to show us with a striking clarity the true breadth of the catalogue of music that influences and inspires her by finding more strength in her voice and fearlessly delving into pop on her own terms. The vision (no pun intended) she shows us on Art Angels is as powerful and distinctly her own as anything she has ever done. Influences you'll hear are: early 2000s nu metal, K Pop, J Pop, 90s Madonna, various subgenres of indie rock, electronic hip hop, bollywood, 80s goth and many many more. As far as themes, Grimes has described the subject matter of the songs to expand from the fears, pains and insecurities of the pressures of the music industry ('California', 'Flesh Without Blood'), the longing and despair of recovering from the isolation of lost love ('REALiTi'), a song about rage written from the perspective of a genderless, shape-shifting equivalent to Al Pacino's character in 'Scarface' (her description, not mine) ('Kill V. Maim'), a love letter to Montreal ('Artangels') or songs about environmentalism and deforestation ('Life in the Vivid Dream', 'Butterfly'), Grimes' thematic palette seems to be as broad as her sonic palette (and the artwork and the prints that Grimes did for each song are an absolute treat). The true mark of an innovator is when they follow their vision even when they're told by convention in makes no sense; on paper, Grimes' style seems almost impossible, but when executed by Grimes herself, it seems effortless and as easy as breathing. Grimes has managed to take everything that people have might have criticized her for: her sensitivity, her introversion, her weirdness, her love of pop music, her distinctive high pitched voice and her fluid and non-traditional brand of femininity and managed to create a crazy, surreal, euphoric and mind-blowing experience on Art Angels. Grimes is a pop surrealist of the highest order: allowing us to, even if just for 50 minutes, enter her alien, ethereal world where art reigns, gender ceases to exist and you feel as free as a butterfly harmonious flight.