Pure Heroine mp3 Album by Lorde

Pure Heroineby Lorde

  • 10 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 37:14


1.Tennis Court3:19
2.400 Lux3:54
5.Buzzcut Season4:07
7.Glory and Gore3:32
8.Still Sane3:08
9.White Teeth Teens3:38
10.A World Alone4:54
Lorde is a brilliant artist. And this album definitely shows it. She is not afraid to speak her mind and she does so with clarity. Pure Heroine doesn't try to be something it's not. It is beautifully simple but not boring. This a great album that most teenage kids wouldn't even dream of being able to create. This is straight fire and it has a lot of maturity to it that some grown adults lack musically and even personally. All in all great work from Lorde!
Yes, this album is appropriately named. It is pure heroine! Extremely addicting, no matter what kind of music you may be into. Great beats, I love the choir in the background of her songs, and she has a beautiful and unique voice. It is hard to compare her, but I would not be surprised if she was greatly influenced by Bjork.

I found it hard to believe that this young woman is only 17! I am glad there are young people pushing beyond the boundaries of digitized voices and scantily clad outfits. There are some that still believe in talent beyond looks! And what is great is I can talk to people of all kinds of age groups about how great of an album it is- my niece, my boyfriend, my dad, etc. This album transcends age groups and a specific genre.

Highly recommend as it is a great album!
Great album! Her voice is amazing! I love that the songs are ones you can listen to anytime of the day. Although I like putting in playlist because her songs do start sounding the same. Overall this album is awesome!!
This girl (yes girl - she's just barely 17!) is not only vocally gifted, she possesses a wisdom beyond her years.

Her songs are poetry set to intriguing beats and attractive melodies. Her voice is sultry, and would lead one to believe that she's far older.

Her most famous track is, of course, Royals - a song about what it's like to grow up without a lot of privilege while observing a culture that is obsessed with decadence.

This song has become incredibly popular, and I was worried upon listening to the album that she might be a one-hit wonder. But every song is bewitching.

This album is worth every penny.
Lorde is such a great artist! Her album Pure Heroine is a showcase of her amazing lyrical ability, and she's a fresh sound out of the bombardment of pop/electro music today.
Her songs are more simplified, focusing more on the lyrics than anything. Royals is the first song heard I've heard by her, and I thought it was absolutely amazing. She's only 16 and she writes lyrics as if she's 30. It's absolutely amazing the talent she has.
Her voice is a little bit different, but it still adds to the overall effect of her music. It's a different sound and when you hear it on the radio, it's like a breath of fresh air from the dancey dancey pop that's been murdering the radio waves lately.
I think anyone will enjoy this album, especially if you're one for good lyrics.