Assassin's Creed: Revelations mp3 Soundtrack by Various Artists

Assassin's Creed: Revelationsby Various Artists

  • 80 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:41:23


Disk #1

1.Assassins Creed Themeby Lorne Balfe4:44
2.Animus Islandby Jesper Kyd2:52
3.The Road to Masysafby Lorne Balfe2:55
4.The Wounded Eagleby Jesper Kyd2:02
5.The Noose Tightensby Jesper Kyd1:26
6.Sailing to Constantinopleby Lorne Balfe1:35
7.Master and Mentorby Lorne Balfe1:45
8.Welcome to Kostantiniyyeby Jesper Kyd3:32
9.The Crossroads of the Worldby Jesper Kyd3:32
10.Sofia Sartorby Lorne Balfe0:43
11.Son of Umarby Lorne Balfe1:24
12.No Mistakesby Jesper Kyd2:48
13.The Traitorby Jesper Kyd3:39
14.A Heated Discussionby Lorne Balfe1:50
15.Ambushby Jesper Kyd3:09
16.A Familiar Faceby Lorne Balfe1:22
17.Byzantiumby Jesper Kyd3:23
18.Nova Romaby Jesper Kyd4:02
19.Templar Occupationby Jesper Kyd3:36
20.Arroccoby Lorne Balfe2:31
21.On the Attackby Jesper Kyd4:28
22.Last of the Palaiologiby Lorne Balfe0:57
23.Yerebatan Cisternby Jesper Kyd1:54
24.Fight or Flightby Jesper Kyd2:47
25.Galata Towerby Jesper Kyd2:05
26.Die By the Bladeby Jesper Kyd3:06
27.Forum of Oxby Jesper Kyd1:57
28.Suleiman's Griefby Lorne Balfe2:04

Disk #2

1.Istanbulby Jesper Kyd3:01
2.We Talk Togetherby Lorne Balfe1:15
3.Altair Escapesby Jesper Kyd1:38
4.Betrayalby Jesper Kyd1:13
5.The Mentors Returnby Lorne Balfe1:56
6.Rebuilding the Brotherhoodby Jesper Kyd2:01
7.Of Life and Deathby Lorne Balfe1:27
8.Greek Fireby Jesper Kyd2:07
9.An Unsubtle Approachby Lorne Balfe0:50
10.The Hidden Cityby Lorne Balfe0:33
11.Infiltrationby Jesper Kyd2:09
12.Cappadociaby Jesper Kyd3:52
13.Street Fightby Jesper Kyd2:22
14.Mastermindby Lorne Balfe1:32
15.Notoriousby Jesper Kyd3:10
16.Constantinopolisby Jesper Kyd3:36
17.Investigationby Jesper Kyd2:11
18.Everything Changesby Lorne Balfe3:03
19.You Have Eard Your Restby Lorne Balfe1:09
20.Passing the Torchby Lorne Balfe0:52
21.Crossed Swordsby Jesper Kyd2:02
22.Scheduled for Deletionby Lorne Balfe1:01
23.Altair and Darimby Lorne Balfe1:15
24.The Libraryby Jesper Kyd2:57
25.The Revelationby Lorne Balfe2:26
26.Labored and Lostby Lorne Balfe2:54
27.Reunionby Lorne Balfe0:57
28.Enough for One Lifeby Lorne Balfe2:03

Disk #3

1.Abstergo Industriesby Lorne Balfe2:03
2.Rhodesby Lorne Balfe0:42
3.The Huntedby Lorne Balfe2:09
4.Antiochby Lorne Balfe0:35
5.The Hunterby Lorne Balfe1:55
6.Kill Streakby Lorne Balfe0:38
7.On the Runby Lorne Balfe1:57
8.Constantinopleby Lorne Balfe0:43
9.In the Simulationby Lorne Balfe2:10
10.Find the Targetby Lorne Balfe2:05
11.Firenzeby Lorne Balfe0:41
12.Welcom to the Foldby Lorne Balfe1:43
13.Soukby Lorne Balfe0:35
14.Chase the Targetby Lorne Balfe2:03
15.The Lobbyby Lorne Balfe1:56
16.Veneziaby Lorne Balfe0:46
17.Let the Chase Beginby Lorne Balfe2:04
18.Siennaby Lorne Balfe0:37
19.Tracking Templarby Lorne Balfe2:13
20.Castel Gandolfoby Lorne Balfe0:42
21.On a Kill Streakby Lorne Balfe0:46
22.The Pursuitby Lorne Balfe2:00
23.Assassinate the Targetby Lorne Balfe1:55
24.San Donatoby Lorne Balfe0:45