At Least, At Last mp3 Artist Compilation by The Posies

At Least, At Lastby The Posies

  • 66 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:56:50


Disk #1

1.Believe in Something Other (live)4:37
2.I Don't Want to Talk to You (demo)3:19
3.Help Yourself (demo)3:54
4.Thinking Outloud (demo)4:57
5.Apology (Ken's Demo)3:19
6.I May Hate You Sometimes (live)3:01
7.Keep Me Guessing3:40
8.Diary of an Insecure Girl (demo)4:34
9.Now They Want Your Head (demo)3:35
10.What am I Supposed to do3:37
11.Any Other Way (demo)3:44
12.Suddenly Mary (demo)3:36
13.Apology (Jon's Demo)5:18
14.Beck's Bolero2:49
16.This One's Taken3:23
17.Magnifying Mirror3:29
18.Ramblin' Rose (live)2:40
19.Spite and Malice (Intro)0:28

Disk #2

1.Flood of Sunshine10:12
2.Dream All Day3:16
3.Will You Ever Ease Your Mind3:31
4.Ever Since I was Alone3:01
5.Going Going Gone3:31
6.Forrest Recovery2:50
7.Sullen Waistcoat4:20
8.Depression Child3:46
9.Solar Sister3:25
10.Finally See It Right3:14
11.Earlier Than Expected3:42
12.Ladies and Gentlemen3:20
13.When Mute Tongues Can Speak3:52
14.Lights Out4:26
15.How She Lied By Living4:44
16.Fete Le Muzz3:36
17.Velvet Monkey Theme2:48

Disk #3

1.Trace My Falls (demo)4:16
2.Burn & Shine (French radio 1993)3:34
3.Dreaming (2 Meter Sessies, Dutch radio/TV 11.1.93)3:11
4.Wiggly World (outtake)2:46
5.Come Along And Dance (demo)2:41
6.Revelation To Follow (demo)2:51
7.Daily Mutilation (demo)3:23
8.You're The Beautiful One (demo)5:20
9.World (demo)3:51
10.Pay You Back In Time (demo)4:28
11.Throwaway (demo)4:00
12.Sad To Be Aware (demo)3:22
13.Everybody Is A Fucking Liar (demo)3:34
14.Somehow Everything (demo)3:13
15.Fight It (If You Want) (demo)2:38
16.Oh Michael (demo)3:34

Disk #4

1.Hate Song3:15
2.Broken Record2:14
4.The Star Spangled Banner1:18
6.What's Going Ahn3:23
7.Grant Hart2:03
9.Oceanic Exploration2:40
10.Start A Life5:42
11.Flavor Of The Month2:57
12.Solar Sister4:40
13.Golden Blunders2:55
14.Suddenly Mary3:01