Avatar mp3 Soundtrack by James Horner
  • 15 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:20:33


1.'You Don't Dream In Cryo...'by James Horner6:09
2.Jake Enters His Avatar Worldby James Horner5:25
3.Pure Spirits Of The Forestby James Horner8:50
4.The Bioluminescence Of The Nightby James Horner3:37
5.Becoming One Of 'The People', Becoming One With Neytiriby James Horner7:44
6.Climbing Up Iknimaya - The Path To Heavenby James Horner3:18
7.Jake'S First Flightby James Horner4:50
8.Scorched Earthby James Horner3:32
9.Quaritchby James Horner5:01
10.The Destruction Of Hometreeby James Horner6:47
11.Shutting Down Grace'S Labby James Horner2:48
12.Gathering All The Na'Vi Clans For Battleby James Horner5:14
13.Warby James Horner11:22
14.I See You (Theme From Avatar) (Performed By Leona Lewis)by James Horner4:21
15.Into The Na'Vi Worldby James Horner1:35