Awake mp3 Album by Godsmack
  • 11 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 45:32


1.Sick Of Life3:52
4.Bad Magick4:17
5.Goin' Down3:24
8.Forgive Me4:19
10.The Journey0:50
Possibly one of the greatest metal albums of all times! This is Godsmack at their hardest! "Awake" one of the best metal videos and all time great songs to come out of the alt metal genre! Sully vocals can top that of James Hetfield (vocals, Metallica) on that song. Sully's vocals are amazing, deep, mean, and sound downright dirty! Plus, the guitar playing rocks the house and proves why they are a first rate metal act. This album even features the instrumental "Vampires" that more bands need to follow suit. "Greed" speaks to the darkest parts of the human mind, not to mention killer riffing and the open sounding de-tuned guitars! "Sick of Life" is yet another reason why I love heavy metal guitars. The intro is superb and gets the blood pumping in your veins! If you buy no other Godsmack album or are not into metal but want to try one of the best- buy this one!! I buy anything Godsmack puts out because I know it will tear it up!!!!!!!!!!!!