The Sickness mp3 Album by Disturbed
  • 12 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 47:46


2.The Game3:47
4.Down With The Sickness4:39
5.Violence Fetish3:24
10.Shout 20004:18
11.Droppin' Plates3:49
12.Meaning Of Life4:03
Great Album that reinvigorated Metal in a time where the options of a post-grunge era were incredibly stale (Creed was #1 on the charts...). This album is the very definition of Disturbed. The band's name defined the music on this album. It was very disturbing. It was different. It didn't sit well with mainstream fans at the time. It has since become a classic album much in the way Nevermind was.
Sad to say I did not enjoy this album very much. The reason why I didn't enjoy this one was because of the lyrics to some of these songs. Disturbed is one of my favorite bands still but I just didn't enjoy what I heard from this one. I only liked stupify on here. That was the only song that I actually liked. Down With The Sickness could have been a good song but the ending killed it for me. What I mean by that is the lyrics again. They aren't so good.Still a great band though and still in my favorites section,though,this album is not sadly to say. only 2 stars
I agree with my friend Josh, and might I add, Disturbed is a very great band. Their vocals sound the same, but they just have those great Heavy Metal Riffs, that are just fun to play air guitar to, and great drums, with an exquisite beat to it. I would have to say Disturbed is my third favorite band, (with Metallica, and then Avenged Sevenfold in first). This is just a great album, and is a must-have for all metal fans! I am looking forward to buying this album from Mp3Caprice, and all of you guys should too!(that is, if you haven't gotten it already.)
Just truly spectacular! This album, which I have recently discovered, is VERY HEAVY at times, and all metal-fans, would just love it! The most renown song in this album is "Down With the Sickness" . This album, is probably Disturbed's most famous and prized album of them all. This is a "Target-Album" of mine, and I just want it SO badly!