Bare Bones (Best Of-Live) mp3 Live by Bryan Adams

Bare Bones (Best Of-Live)by Bryan Adams

  • 20 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:14:18


1.You'Ve Been A Friend To Me3:17
2.Here I Am3:47
3.I'M Ready4:02
4.Let'S Make A Night To Remember3:47
5.It Ain't A Party (If You Can't Come 'Round)3:10
6.(Everything I Do) I Do It For You5:21
7.Cuts Like A Knife4:43
8.Please Forgive Me3:48
9.Summer Of 694:12
10.Walk On By2:44
11.Cloud Number Nine3:48
12.It'S Only Love3:33
14.The Right Place2:54
15.The Way You Make Me Feel3:08
16.Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is You2:50
17.You'Re Still Beautiful To Me4:12
18.Straight From The Heart3:24
19.I Still Miss You... A Little Bit3:30
20.All For Love3:24
Bryan Adams and his Keyboarder Gary Breits put down here a very respectable and tolerable concert. The fact that all songs also function acoustically well is no miracle, finally, most songs on the acoustic guitar have originated how Adams explains. Which value the Canadian has since the 1980s in the rock music, it is clearly underlined with the fullness in hits and known songs here again. Creeps ballads, catchy tune melodies and uncomplicated texts of full romanticism with the slope to the kitsch. But why one should express it complicates and interlockingly if the wish is direct and from simple nature: „Baby, You're all that I want, when you're of lyin' here in micron arms (…) (from "Heaven") is a clear announcement in the years 1985 and 1986 with all it came which were in love in any form whether now was happy or unhappy, besides, unimportant.

"Heaven" probably counts to the best songs which has ever written Bryan Adams and which he also presents on this album in the easy acoustic arrangement substantially.Adams delivers capably without using the chance giving a little bit completely special, special to the songs in the acoustic arrangements.

There is artist like Jackson Browne which present her songs known by tape arrangements solo and acoustically, tremendously sensitively and intensely, so that these become almost absolutely independent versions. With Bryan Adams this looks nevertheless different, should be called "more simply". Adams seems to want to make always anyhow one on mood cannon, also at the quiet moments there comes through over and over again the rocker who puts entertainment than on fragile art more on the factor.

Because of the guess and also transparency a piece gets "Bare Bones" in the long run also far too long. All in all, still a pretty, well album without flourish, however, also without quite big climaxes.