Bebop Story, Volume 41 mp3 Artist Compilation by Dexter Gordon

Bebop Story, Volume 41by Dexter Gordon

  • 24 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:16:31


1.I'll Follow You2:30
3.Ghost Of a Chance2:56
4.Ghost Of a Chance2:57
5.Sweet And Lovely2:31
6.Sweet And Lovely2:48
7.Hornin' In Pt. 1 + 27:16
8.The Duel Pt. 1 +25:19
9.Blues In Teddy's Flat2:58
10.Settin' The Pace Pt. 12:56
11.Settin' The Pace Pt. 22:56
12.So Easy2:41
13.Dexter's Riff2:43
14.Wee Dot2:42
16.Lion Roars3:00
17.Mad Lad Boogie2:44
18.The Rubaiyat2:56
19.The Rubaiyat3:00
20.I Hear You Knockin'2:36
21.My Kinda Love4:16
22.Jingle Jangle Jump2:28
23.Citizen's Bop2:53
24.Man With A Horn3:32