Becoming mp3 Album by Ellie Lawson
  • 26 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:17:06


1.Becoming (and Aurosonic)3:30
2.Let It Shine (and Suncatcher, Exolight)3:39
3.Safe From Harm (Omar Sherif Remix) (and 4 Strings, Trance Classics)3:23
4.A Day Without Rain (Costa Remix) (and Trance Classics)3:40
5.Beyond Time (Aurosonic Remix) (and Raz Nitzan)3:38
6.Golden Glow (and Phillip J.)3:25
7.The Distance (and Asteroid)3:30
8.The Way That U R (and Robert Nickson)3:43
9.Illuminate (and Costa)3:52
10.I Pray (and Frainbreeze)3:14
11.Brand New World Of Light (and Jericho Frequency)2:48
12.Find Myself In Losing You (Radio Edit) (and Alan Morris)3:55
13.As The Leaves Turn To Brown (and Tom Boldt)3:29
14.Becoming (Extended Mix) (and Aurosonic)8:01
15.Let It Shine (Extended Mix) (and Suncatcher, Exolight)7:01
16.Safe From Harm (Omar Sherif Extended Mix) (and 4 Strings, Trance Classics)7:28
17.A Day Without Rain (Costa Extended Mix) (and Trance Classics)7:18
18.Beyond Time (Aurosonic Extended Mix) (and Raz Nitzan)6:09
19.Golden Glow (Extended Mix) (and Phillip J.)7:55
20.The Distance (Extended Mix) (and Asteroid)7:35
21.The Way That U R (Extended Mix) (and Robert Nickson)7:54
22.Illuminate (Extended Mix) (and Costa)6:26
23.I Pray (Extended Mix) (and Frainbreeze)5:14
24.Brand New World Of Light (Extended Mix) (and Jericho Frequency)7:01
25.Find Myself In Losing You (and Alan Morris)6:44
26.As The Leaves Turn To Brown (Extended Mix) (and Tom Boldt)6:34